August 30, 2011

See ya, Irene!

Well - you may be wondering if I will even post again in this sweet little blog of mine and I am here to say YES! 

We were hit by Irene this weekend - living right outside Baltimore.  We didnt get hit as bad as NC or up in New England - it's like Irene backed off for the middle of her journey.  Now, having said that, our house was out of power for 48 hours.  Our town has been crazy, with half of the homes and businesses and street lights out.  Our first day of school with the students was supposed to be Monday, schools were closed.  Then today again they were closed.  Our power came back on at 9am - Praise the Lord!  And I bet that tomorrow, we will be in school again! 

Update on life?  Well summer is winding down, I started my job as a school counselor!  I love it so far, the staff at my school is awesome, and I can't wait to meet all the kiddos!  I feel that as I settle into my new and permanent routine - I'll get back to reading more and working on the house. 

Right now I am reading One Day - its out in the movies and I am an avid read-before-see kinda girl, I just started that one and so far is pretty good!  My next will probably be Sarah's Key - I hear that is awesome.  I also started Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - I didnt get far, I think that one will be  slow read.  It is interesting though - it's just not a gobble in up in an evening sort of book.

I'm still looking for good book recommendations so keep commenting or email them!  I'll be back and better then ever this fall!

Hope everyone is doing well and fairing well after Irene!  Leave your stories or comments here:)

August 7, 2011

Long time....

No see?  Summer is lovely.  It's winding down now.  I officially have 8 days of it left before I go back to work.  This is my first permanent full time job in 3 and a 1/2 years?  Isn't that crazy?  I went out of work in April of 2008 with mono - which kept me out of work for a year.  Thank you Jesus for disability and unemployment!!  Then I was in grad school and couldn't work.  Then I worked in long term sub jobs.'s all paid off!  All my hard work for my Master's - finally I have a job!  I'm so excited!!

Tomorrow is our yearly girl day trip to Ocean City, MD.  I go with two of my dearest friends - Katie D and Crystal C.  It's always a good time when we go too, a good de-stressor!  Perfect way to celebrate our end-of-summer-good times!

I've been writing my school counseling program, so I haven't had a lot of time to read.  Tomorrow at the beach I am starting:

I'm going to start it and see how I like it.  I've heard mixed reviews.  I'm the type that if the book doesn't catch me in the first few chapters - I skip it!!  Review to come...

Still no improvements in the house.  I've been too busy helping mom 3 days a week, since she won't have the help once I start work, I'm trying to help her as much as possible.  I have a feeling when I start work and everything settles down (late Sept probably!) I'll get back into decorating and reading like a bandit!  Plus, we'll have a little more funds for me to use for decoration;)

I can't believe summer has flown by!  It's been a fun one.  I am so looking forward to fall - sweaters and jeans and boots and back to school and our yearly Disney trip.  I love it so much!