September 21, 2011

Freakin' Floods!

Even before the whole "earthquake" or "hurricane" or "massive rain storms", our basement here at our lovely town home flooded.  Thats right, it flooded BEFORE all that natural disaster stuff.  August was one of the rainiest months Bel Air has ever had - before Irene hit.  Half of our basement one rainy Sunday morning was 1/4 inch deep in water:(

We had the plumber come out and take a look, and our sump pump had failed, which was a blessing, because that means insurance will pay for the damage.  But still, it stinks!!!

We had ServPro come out and rip out carpet and they put these huge fans and humidifiers down there...


Yeah, its a mess down there!!  Isnt it?  We got everything settled, pick out new carpet and all that, had the sump pump fixed and were all ready to clean this mess up when....

not the earthquake....not the hurricane....but....

THE MASSIVE RAIN that happened two weeks ago from Lee once again found a way to get water into our basement.  OY!!  Now, this time, our sump pump was working, whereas the first time - it didnt even turn on.  So...not only did that fail that first time, but there was something else happening that was letting water into our basement.

Turns out we have some huge crack in our foundation on the outside of our house, and our neighbors drains are draining INTO the ground next to that crack (not their fault, btw, the drains were buried before we all moved in - I'd like to thank whichever idiot did that!)

So now, we have to have a waterproof company come out and look at the crack, which btw, empties into our basement BEHIND that brick wall there in the last pic on the back wall.  Which means they are going to have to smash out my beautiful brick to fix the problem.  It also means that THIS part of the process is not covered, we will have to pay for the work.  Double Oy.  Triple Oy.  It's a good thing I'm working now;)

So that has been our lives the past month!  Has the rain hurt anyone else?  I'm sure it has since it's been everywhere!  I'm so ready for fall - cool temps, crisp sunny days:)