April 9, 2014


Pin It!

Uh, has it really been two months since I've posted on here?  How sad!!  Just poppin in to say that I am changing the ol' blog to include some more fun stuff!!  I am training to be a DISNEY TRAVEL AGENT so I'll have a Disney Side right here on my not so BLAND life, as well as some other fun things coming up!  I'm still a DIYing, cooking, writing, Pinteresting fool...so I'll be chatting about all my normal craziness too.  Right now I am getting through the Disney College of Knowledge so I'll chat all about what that means when I am done.

We haven't been too busy on the home front these past few months.  Work has been busy for both of us, and I've been sick at least 3 times so you know...there have been a lot of nights where we are just lazy bums on the couch eating take out.  But!  I did some updates to our pantry and our linen closet, just organizing and getting rid of junk.  I also did some DIY art on a canvas, and I'll show that to you soon!  So...spring has sprung, my latest terrible cold is on it's way out, and I have a HUGE update to do list stretching out before me as the school year wraps up and the summer starts.  I can't wait to tackle some more projects again!  My last one was the striped hallway, which I love and adore, but haven't decorated yet;)  Shame on me.  Anyways, below is what is on my agenda for the next few months.  Some are easy, others are expensive and complicated and probably won't get done (hello back of the basement, that has been flooded FOUR times, I'm talking to you!)

I'm really great at doing the organizing and purging stuff.  That stuff is easy peasy.  I really need to get on some DIY art and other framing projects, I have pictures and art and frames all over the dang place, and I need to get em up on the walls!

Has spring put a spring in your step?  DIYing?  Organizing?  I always get the "bug" around now.  Usually I have a lovely spring break to get it all done, but alas...with all of those snow days we have a measly 4 day weekend next week.  I'll still take it, it's nice to have any kind of break!

Stay tuned for lots of fun updates coming in the next few weeks!  Start thinking about planning your next Disney vacation with me, my services are totally free;)