April 3, 2012

What's cookin in the kitchen?

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The internet is down at our house, so I am sitting in Panera so I can update this ol bliggity blog.  I don't like not have the internet, I plan on getting to the bottom of it today!

The kitchen is coming along nicely.  There have been a few snafus and questionable moments, but so far no tears of surrender or frustration;)  Over all it looks pretty good!

Where am I in the process?  Well, here is what has been done so far:
  • Walls are sanded, puttied, primed and coated with 2 coats of Evening Glow paint.
  • Cabinet bases are sanded, wood puttied, sanded again, cleaned and wiped down with degreaser, primed, and have 3 coats of Candlelight Beige on them.
  • Drawer fronts are sanded, wood puttied, sanded again, cleaned and wiped down with degreaser, primed and have 1 coat of Candlelight Beige on them
  • Cabinet doors are sanded, wood puttied, sanded again, cleaned and wiped down with degreaser, and primed on both sides.
  • Back of cabinet doors of 2 coats of Candlelight Beige on them.
Not to mention the cleaning out of all our stuff from the cabinets and living around the craziness that goes with it.  We have been using our kitchen just fine though, I've been cooking and using the CrockPot and trying all sorts of Pinterest recipes.

Anyways, here are some pictures!

Starting with the color on the bases!

1 coat done:)

Cab doors are in the basement - they were primed and now they are getting another sanding and a wipe down.

1st coat going on the doors!

A very tired and dirty me, putting on the 2nd coat on the bases...

2nd coat done, walls done, kitchen a freakin mess;)

Lookin good - but not perfect yet.  Sometimes two coats will do the job, depending on your cabinets and the primer you use etc.  I dont know if I used a weird primer or if I just put in on reeeeeeeally thin or put the 2 coats on reeeeeally thin - but these cabinets definitely needed a 3rd coat!

All the colors of our 1st floor together - it looks great!

3 coats on the base, and they are done!  Walls are done!  Now we just have to waaaaait 3-4 days for everything to cure up - I can't wait to finish this!

This is the best shot to show the colors.  The cabinets are not stark white - they are a creamy white, but not so creamy that they look dirty.  I hate that!  The walls aren't really buttery, they are more like the sun as it starts setting, its very Tuscan, which is what I am going for!

As for today, I will be working on putting the 3rd coat on the backs of the cabinets, waiting for at least 6-8 hours (even though the can says 4 hours) before I flip them and start putting the color on the front.  I will also be hunting down some hinges and getting some new outlet covers from Lowes or Home D!

Since I am off all week (yaaaaaaaaaaay!) I also plan on getting some other non-kitcheny things done.  Like my Pinterest recipes, some DIY art, cleaning, and running.  Oh and helping out mom at their house since they are putting it on the market on or about may 15th. 

I hope everyone has a pleasant day!  It's beeeeautiful out!