April 1, 2012

All in a day

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It's all about progress!  It's nowhere near done, but it's chugging along.

This morning our kitchen looked like this...

The chaos had just started, we took off all the doors, drawers, hinges, etc last night and emptied everything out.

Then we scrubbed and sanded the heck outta these ugly mommas..and the walls.

Then we degreased them with this special stuff that I learned all about over at Young House Love it cleans the wood up a bit after all that sanding and makes it less shiny - all to get it ready from the primer.

I was up at 8am all excited to start...and worked non stop until 12, then took a break, and then worked on and off again all day until about 30 minutes ago (11:30pm)!!  That is a long day!!  But here is what we've gotten done so far:

  • take off doors and drawers
  • empty all cabs
  • find places to put stuff from said cabs
  • wipe everything down
  • spackle walls where needed
  • sand walls
  • sand cab bases
  • sand doors and drawers
  • putty wood where needed
  • degrease cabinet bases, doors and drawers
  • prime bases
  • prime walls
  • prime drawer fronts
  • sand everything again
  • 1st coat of Evening Glow on walls
  • 2 coat of Evening Glow on walls
  • move fridge and paint everything behind there
  • make dinner;)
  • make hubby do dishes because I am too tired from painting and dinner;)
and.....after all of that, here is where we are now....


Don't mind the absolute mess and chaos around us!! 

Look at how cheery it is!!  Cheery O'Leary!!  Oh wait, I'm a Bland now...Cheery Bland! LOL sort of an oxymoron?

The cabinets still only have the primer on - tomorrow I will paint the first coat on them in the am, and possibly the 2nd coat in the evening...

It looks so bright in these pics, but it's a tad more mellow in real life.  We have that awful light in our kitchen, aka soon-to-be-replaced-grossness!  I loathe it!  I think it's making my Evening Glow glow too much!

The place is a mess!  But after this pic was taken the dishes were done and the mess was organized a little more...ah heck, it's going to be a mess for a week - I just need to get over it.

How awesome is it going to look when the cabinets are painted in the pretty creamy white color and all the bronze hardware is put on?  So awesome!!  I can't wait to reorganize the drawers and cabinets too!  Am I a dork or what?

Ok, more to come on the process later.  Oh and my dinner, I have to share.  I am doing a Pinterest Challenge of sorts this week where I actually DO some of the things I've pinned.  I am cooking all sorts of yummy things over the next 7 days, plus doing some DIY art too.  It's going to be fun:)  I have to fill my days with something while I wait for things to dry!

I am SO tired!! Hope you are enjoying reading about this craziness!!