March 29, 2012

Spring Break - WOO HOO!!

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Yes my Spring Break is going to be so wild and crazy, just like the norm!

Well, wait, maybe not like the norm.  By wild and crazy I mean I am packing my days off full of serious projects, cooking new dishes and DIY art.  As well as reading, running and napping.  Oh the glorious napping.  Yes that is right, I am penciling naps into my schedule!

As I was scheduling my busy week next week, Frodo decided he didn't want my attention to be elsewhere...

Haha!  Well we are starting our HUGE kitchen makeover this weekend!!  I have it all planned out in my planner, what day I am doing what and each step is meticulous!  Actually, we started tonight - we went to Lowes and dropped a few bones on paint and paint supplies and what not.  We spent a good bit but I have to tell myself that I am saving so much in the long run by doing this myself!  Here is Frodo surveying the goods.  Theres more than this in the totes there, which I bought to store allllll of our kitchen stuff as we empty out the cabinets and drawers...

I even started taking off the cab fronts tonight, while we were watching for this lady to come pick up the TV we sold on Craigslist.  Our Craigslist income is funding our redo, btw:)

See how ugly they are?  Serious, I am not sure why we've waiting this long?  The white appliances have to go too, and the counter tops...but that's for another time.  Probably next year.

I also have to reorganize these cabinets - they are set up so awkwardly that I need to build or install drawers in them to fit everything.  One project at a time though. 

As for the project, we are scrubbing, puttying, sanding, priming and painting the doors (front and back), the drawer fronts, and the cabinet bases on the outside. The parts on the inside are getting scrubbed and cleaned but not painted.  I know others who have done this and its looked ok. 

As for our colors - we picked them out tonight, decided FINALLY on a yellow and brought the cans home.  There is no turning back now!!  Here are our colors, etc,

And another pic....

The yellow isn't showing true to color, its a nice bright but soft yellow, it looks a little too bright and fluorescent here.  The Candlelit beige is the cabinet color.  Our cabs now do not have any hardware so we have to install those too.  I bought these last year on O.Com - oil rubbed bronze pulls and handles!  I didn't buy hinges, I want to try an experiment with our existing hinges first to see if I can make them work.  The wood underneath is our Giada D cutting board but is showing to represent the butcher block counter tops we will get one day.  We have already priced them at IKEA and the damage isn't too bad.  That won't be a possibility until the fall though, because our next big expense is Europe;)

My inspiration kitchens again from Pinterest, again:

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from here

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from here

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from here

I love the cheery yellows, the white cabinets and love love looooove the counters.  If I can make our little townhouse kitchen look even half as good as these, I'll be happy!! 

I'm anxious to get started, but seeing as it is 11pm and I DO have work tomorrow, I'll be heading to bed.  I think we got a good head start on things today too!  Tomorrow we plan to go on our Friday date and then get back to the house and get to work!  Will post pics as we go!