June 29, 2012

Weekly Top Ten

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I have so many favorites in the world.  I thought it would be fun to do a Weekly Top 10.  Who knows what sort of crazy top ten lists I can get into?!?  I will start easy on everyone, with movies.  I'm not classifying these as 10 is the least fave and 1 is the all time fave...these are just 10 of my can't-live-without-watching-a-bazillion-times-a-year favorites:


1.  Pride and Prejudice (Both versions count.  I love them both)
2.  You've Got Mail
3.  Phantom of the Opera

4.  Harry Potter (all 8 movies count - it's one story to me!)
5.  The Princess Bride  (I don't own this on DVD.  I'm headed over to amazon.com as I type to order...shame!)
6.  Tangled (I LOVE THIS MOVIE)

7.  RENT
8.  Lord of the Rings (again all of them, it's one story to me)
9.  Breakfast at Tiffanys (anything Audrey really, it's a tough choice!)

10.  Titanic

It's so hard to whittle this list to 10!!  There are so many other movies I just adore, and I feel like I am forgetting some important ones, but these are ultimately my favorites.  I really wanted to fit Julie & Julia on there because I luuuurve that movie, but I just couldn't bump anything else.  Yes, yes, yes, I do love Star Wars and The Little Mermaid and Twister and Mama Mia and Gone with the Wind (etc) but when I compare each to my 10, they do not make me want to change any of them.  It's just me and what I like though, everyone's top 10s are different which is why they are so fun!  Let's get some other movie ideas!  Tell me what you think I am missing, either here or on FB!!

Oh, and yes I do love the Twilight movies, but not nearly enough to be on my top 10.  My top 10 books, however...we'll go to that.  The movies are way to cheese ball for me...but I do enjoy seeing my beloved characters come to life, no matter how intense or weird;)

Freakin Fun Friday!!