January 4, 2013

Christmas comes in January too!

Happy New Year!! Can you believe its 2013? I really can't. Time moves too fast for me. My Christmas break was awesome, but felt like 1 day instead of 11. I have to say, I LOVE the schedule of being a school counselor. I love that I get the benefits of the school year calendar and get to do what I love which is help kids! Yipee!

I digress. I wanted to say YAY because I am blogging from our very own, brand new IPad!! It's really a late Christmas present to the hubs and I. We upgraded our IPhone 4 to IPhone 4S each, and Best Buy bought our old phones for almost $200 a piece!! Word of advice, if you upgrade your phone ever, take your old one to Best Buy. Anyways, we've always wanted an IPad but never really wanted to spend the $ to get one because we always thought of it as a glorified IPhone. I guess it is sort of, but it is much more too. We love it! We bought this cool light up keyboard thing and I feel like I have a brand new laptop!! Like my old, dear, departed Apple Mac I lovingly called Mango. We are honoring her memory (she was one of the only Mac laptops ever to blow up, and was unfixable. Only me...) by calling our new IPad Mango 2-0-1-3. Not 2012, 2-0-1-3.

So Merry Christmas to us. We've spent the whole evening playing games, downloading apps, and loving on it. I know, I know, we are waaaaay behind the times, but we wanted to wait until we thought the purchase would make sense money wise, and since we had an unexpected almost $400 gift card to Best Buy in our hands...we figured it made sense;)

I love that I can blog from it. New avenues of blogging have been discovered!! I can't wait!! Be back soon with some of the goings on in our NotSoBlandLife!!