March 2, 2013

Life since...

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My poor blog.  It's so neglected.  Life has been so busy, not so Bland as usual, and the blog just seems to be the thing that gets the back burner.  Today I am really sick, and am in need of things to keep my mind off how painful this cough is.  Here are some things I'd like to share to catch you up on our lives, nothing too earth shattering!

1.  I joined a gym.  Planet Fitness.  I try to go 3-4 times a week to work off all this flubber.  It doesn't seem to help but I keep trekking through it, some day I'll be skinnier;)
2.  I am trying to change my family over to mostly organic, clean eating.  It's hard to do.  It's expensive.  It will be worth it in the long run.  We definitely don't stick to it all the time, since we love to eat out and order in a lot, but we are getting better.  We eat a ton more fruits and veggies then we ever did, which is a good change.
3.  I love mushrooms.  Who knew?  My whole life I hated them, then when I changed the way I shop and eat, I fell in love with them.  Give me mushrooms sautéed in olive oil and/or red wine, and I would be good for life.
4.  Downton Abbey has found it's way into my heart.  And my parents hearts.  And my friends.  We are all obsessed.
5.  Raising an 8th grader is seriously tough work.  Especially when she lives in a different place half the week where we have no way of teaching her how to be responsible.
6.  Do we want a baby?  People keep asking.  Everyone is having babies, its the thing to do.  But us?  We go back and forth.  We want one, one day.  When God says we are ready.  We still aren't trying all that hard, but we aren't preventing.  Doesn't mean we don't or can't, just means we want it to be right.  I've never been the kind of girl who just wants to be a mom.  I do want to be, but I'm not obsessed about it, plus we have our hands full with a 13 year old which a lot of people our age can't understand.  It'll happen when it happens:)  You've been officially filled in.
7.  MSA is coming up over the next two weeks.  I'm the alternate coordinator and official helper.   That means I doubt you will hear from me again before it is over;)
8.  I'm writing a book.  Except that has been on the back burner too.  But I have an idea, actually TWO ideas, and I am excited to see where it takes me.  Probably no where, but it'll be a fun adventure.
9.  I'm going back to school.  In the fall.  Maybe.  I'm crazy for going beyond my Master's degree, right?
10.  I have about 25 to-dos for the house, like always.  Like repaint the kitchen (yes...I know, I just painted it last year) and doing DIY board and batten on the stairs and our stairwell gallery walls and painting the master bath and fixing that darn hole above the microwave and getting the man cave back in order...I need to make an official list.  I love our house.  I love decorating it.  It'll be a never ending job;)

That's my life right now.  I promise to blog more.  I love blogging, really!  Toodles!