March 7, 2013

Pinterest Nums

Pin It!

In the Bland house, we use the word "nums" a lot.  It originated from my mother, in feeding pets as I grew up...num nums was the name for food to all cats and dogs.  Dave and I adopted the word apparently.  We used say it just to Frodo when we put his food out but now it pops up in our everyday language when talking food.  Hence, the title of my post this evening - Pinterest Nums!

I hate for our food to be bland, ironically enough;) I don't like making the same thing twice in a few weeks time, and I really enjoy trying out new things when I have the energy.  Today was one of those days.  I wanted to make a yummy yet healthier type meal, so instead of finding new recipes on Pinterest, I looked at my own boards to try to make something I have already liked and pinned.

Here are the two I have tried:

Cheeseburger Wraps

Pinned from here.

To go with it...

Black Bean and Corn Salad

Pinned from here.

These are pics taken from Pinterest.  Of course, I forgot to take pictures of the food because we ate it quickly. Both recipes turned out amazing!  I used whole wheat tortillas for the wraps and since we don't have a GF grill, I just pressed them in a warm skillet to make them golden all over.  I also used organic ground beef from Wegmans.  Gotta make sure our meat is healthy and grass fed, no extra junk in there!

My family loved the wraps and there is so much you can do to change them up...I am thinking mushrooms, Dave is thinking bacon...lots of variety possible.  The corn and bean salad was light and yummy and even though I didn't have any avocados, it was tasty.  Avocados would have made it yummier though!  You could even break out some tortilla chips and get your salsa on with this salad, or serve it on tacos, or even put it INSIDE your cheeseburger wrap!  WHY didn't I think of that earlier?!?!

So that was my culinary adventure for the evening.  Lets see what else I can get into!