March 31, 2013

Spring Break

I am loving break! How about you? Even though our break is shortened by one day, thanks random March snow storm, I feel that I am getting a lot done. I am also getting quality time in with Dave and our families too. Also, I am getting some laziness in which is important, you have to make time to be lazy!

I finally reprinted our kitchen. I love the yellow I picked out last spring, but then...I painted the whole first floor gray at the end of August. It's a beautiful, light but pleasantly gray type of gray. So, the BAM IM YELLOW kitchen didn't blend as well. Mom, the retired interior designer, always says that the colors in your house need to to flow. This yellow started to bother me because it did not flow well into the gray. I knew I had to lighten it up, but it just a pain in the butt to repaint a room that I spent SO much time making perfect last spring break.

Alas, I caved in on Friday. After 2 months of debating yellows in my head again, I settled on a lovely light yellow called Haystack by Glidden. It is still a happy kitchen yellow, but has some green to it. Plus it matches all the artwork we brought home from Italy specifically for our "Tuscan" themed kitchen. It only took me about 5 hours on Friday night to repaint. Dave picked up an short extra shift and by the time he got home at 9:30, our kitchen was done.

I love the new color! It is so soft and sweet and it does flow much better with our beautiful gray. It is amazing what a new coat of paint will do to you:)

Yesterday we spend the entire day doing fun things together. We got up early, made breakfast, went back to sleep for a while, did some errands, went to Easter Service, took a walk, made dinner together and finally, spontaneously decided to go see Olympus has Fallen. Good movie!

Today we are sleeping in, and by we I mean Dave because I can't sleep much past 7:30 anymore;) I made a light Easter breakfast of French donut muffins, hard boiled eggs, fruit and yogurt and of course coffee. We have a big dinner at mom and dads today so I want to keep things light so we can enjoy it!

Now I am wondering what I should get into? Shall I go back to sleep and rest? It is spring break after all?!?! Or, should I go to them gym? Maybe I should work on the Gallery Wall up the stair well....hmmm...or maybe I should read a book. So many choices! Maybe I can fit them all in today!