February 23, 2016

DIY bath bombs

DIY Bath Bombs

This is an overdue post but I wanted to share because these were so much fun to make!  Now that I know how to make them, the possibilities are endless.  

We had a wee little BLIZZARD here in Maryland about a month ago.  It snowed about 3 feet, and we were all stuck inside our houses for days.  Things got a little crazy, picture 'The Shining' but not just one family in a big hotel, but a couple thousand families in multiple houses!  No joke, the minute the plows started to get to the neighborhoods, the traffic in our town looked like Christmas Eve shopping traffic.  Er'body went CRAZY being stuck inside for so long!!  The snow was so fun and pretty though, I love a good snow storm.  And who wouldn't love being snowed in with a cute baby?!?!  Shameless plug for cute Zach pics...


He wasn't big fan of the snow, but who can blame him?  It's cold and wet and momma wouldn't let him play in it yet (because hello...it was taller than he is!) so we'll have to try again next time.

So, in order to save my family from a crazy wife/mom/stepmom, I got to work on fun little projects during our 2nd winter break from school.  I've been wanting to make my own bath bombs.  I got together a ton of supplies that a few different websites mentioned, but didn't end up needing everything here in the picture.

I landed on this recipe from The Beauty Bar, and it worked great.  If you follow that one exactly, but change what oil scents you use, you will love the result.  I wasn't sure how it would work with coloring these substances, but it was so easy, and hands work the best.  Sure it's a little messy, but it goes fast.  I made all 12 bath bombs during nap time...which was about an hour that day.

It was so simple.  Just mix, color, mix and then put into molds or cupcake liners, like I did.  You need to let them dry out over 24 hours, but then they are ready for use!  I wondered if they would hold up after drying and they totally did!

I am definitely ordering little molds for these so I can make legit "Lush-like" bath bombs.  Ashley and I are obsessed with LUSH, but we each spend about $40 every time we go...and that is way too pricey for 4 or 5 bath delights.  This is MUCH cheaper.  Healthier wallet = Happy Tina :)

This purplish-blue one is Lavender/Relaxation.  Here you can see it fizzing in the bath...it was so exciting!

I didn't make mine too dark in color, because I was fearful of staining the bath or myself, but I shouldn't have worried.  The color went down the drain with the water, no stains on either of us!

Let me know if you try them, and what scents you liked best.  Mine were Lavender/Relax; Green/Deep Muscle relief; and Rejuvenating/Lemongrass & Orange.  I need to work on some better labels.  Next time!

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