June 20, 2011

Summer breeze...

Yes yes another post!

First I wanted to share the gift Ash & I made for Dave, it's so super cute:

She put on each of Dave's 3 Ravens jerseys and we took a bunch of pictures of her in each jersey with the D & the A, to spell out D-A-D...we did it this way so he can hang it in his "man cave" which is themed Baltimore (mostly Ravens stuff, of course!)  Isn't it so sweet?!  We took the pics outside in our garden to add a nice punch of color.  He loved it.

Today was a super fun summer day!  First it started with my BFF Heather coming to visit for a bit.  Then, Dave & I played tennis for about an hour - it was so fun.  I used to play tennis in high school and really love playing the game and it's such a great workout!  I'm so sore!!  We've been trying to work out more (we are joining a gym soon!) and be healthy - tennis is a great activity to do together too, we are so silly:)

Later, we picked Ash up from Soccer & Music camp and we went to the pool.  There is this public pool nearby that is only $4 to get in, no membership needed, and if you go after 4pm its only $3, which we did!  It turned out to be a pretty day, sun came out and warmed up the world!  This pool is in a cool location - its up on top of a cliff over the Susquehanna, so the views are really pretty & relaxing.  Some pics I snapped...

 I took this right when we arrived...so refreshing looking, right?
Thats Dave & Ash in the pool, they are playing some weird game called "Colors" where they just dunk each other, lol.  Such fun!

Now Ash & I are watching The Bachelorette!!!  It's been a nice day overall...Thank you Jesus for beautiful days like this:)

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