June 19, 2011

Triple dog book review

That is right, folks!!  I have read three books, and need to catch up on my reviews!!!

The first book is

This book is the original story behind the musical.  Um....let me just say the musical is a lot more kid and Christian friendly!!  The book is graphic, sometimes gross, but it tells the story way more in depth then the musical.  So, if you loved Wicked the Musical, and you are an ADULT, read this book if you want the whole story!  If you are under 18, don't read it....just saying;)  I liked it, but it took me a while to read it, it wasnt a I-need-to-read-you-and-finish-you-right-now book.  I give it a:

It's not that I didnt like it...it just wasnt the best.  Sorry Mr. Maguire.  I'm sure there are a lot of other people that do like this writing though.  It is interesting to read a different take on a story we know so well.  It is about the birth of the Wicked Witch of the West, Fabala (which btw, is a spin of Frank L Baum's name...FLB, FaBaLa...cool, huh?  That info is something I read in the back of the book) and how she deals growing up "Green".  The book is very political.  I wish I was interested in politics - if you do, you may like this, you may find parallels to politics in our world...but I'm just not into that!  Fabala goes to college and meets Glinda and they try to understand the world together...and then grow apart.  Fabala has a very trying and twisted life, very sad.  Dorothy has a very small part in this book, but still, it's interesting to get a different view!  Thats enough about that one...

My second review is about

This is the book that is helping me write MY book.  I wanted to write my book in the month of June..but like I've said before - theres a little prep work that has to be done so I'll have to push the actual writing back a month or two.  This book teaches you and guides you through preparing to write a novel in one month.   Usually, National Write A Novel Month is in November but I dont want to wait that long;)  I'll probably read and re-read this book a million times while I write my book.  It's really great! Sweet, simple, and informative.  If you are interested in writing a book, I recommend it!  Its a HOW-TO sort of thing...worth it!!!  I give it a:

It gets that score since it has a lot of good info for me.  It was a very easy read too!

My third review is on:

This book was AWESOME!!  I can't wait for the movie in August!  Seriously....all my friends need to read it so we can go see it together!  This book is about a few different people.  One is Abileen, a black maid for a socialite snob.  One is Skeeter, a socialite who is questioning how "right" it is to treat African Americans so differently then white people.  One is Minny, another black maid for a socialite that speaks her mind on things, she is hilarious.  The setting is Jackson, Mississippi - which was one of the worse places for prejudice and racism in the 60's.  Skeeter wants to be a writer - and write about something that means something to her, so she starts writing a book about what it is like to be a black maid for white, well-off women.  She gets the stories of Aibleen & Minny, with some struggle, and other maids too.  It is such a sweet story about friendship across the races, breaking down the race barriers, and overcoming rich snobbishness.  I loved it.  I started it on Friday and finished it on Saturday.  I highly recommend it!!!  So...I give it a:

So those are my three reviews so far.  I'm not anywhere near my quota, but I still have 11 days to read:)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day!!  I have to post a pic of the present we made for Dave, its really cute.  I will get to that tomorrow!  We had dinner over at my parents, we always eat Teriayki on Father's Day.  Mom makes the meat and we put it on skewers and cook it on little grills out on the patio.  We had corn and crab dip and fun punch and mashed potatoes too.  Yum yum yum.  It's a good thing I skipped breakfast this am!!  It was such a nice evening with my parents, and with Jonathan and Krystal (the newlyweds!) over too.  We are truly blessed to have such a great family! 

Now, it's time to submit to the meat coma and sit on the couch and not move for an hour;)  Maybe read too!