July 7, 2011

Challenge Overhaul!

I tend to be really ambitious in life.  Over ambitious sometimes.  Like, for example, one day my to-do list will have 20 items on it.  Yeah right!  I can't possibly do 20 different projects or things around the house in one day!  Life gets in the way, right?  Dave wants to go out to eat, or we decide to go to the pool for 5 hours, or mom needs me to come help her, etc.  So at the end of the day I feel like, "I've got nothing done!!!" even though I probably did 10 of those things.  Its a viscous cycle!

So, what I am trying to say is that I think I have to revamp my reading goals!  I am finding that I can't possibly read 10 books a month anymore.  I'm not sure how I did it in Jan-Mar?  I think because it was winter, and I wasn't doing too much, I just had the time!  It's too hard!  I still love reading, and still have a reading list about a mile long!

So my NEW goal is to hit 5 books a month.  I think that's a fair sentence goal:)  If I read more, then good!  With how busy we have been this summer, and I don't anticipate that changing, and starting a new job in the end of August, I think 5 is perfect.  It'll still be challenge, don't worry!

So my June 2010 Book List ended up being:

1. Wicked by Macguire
2.  No Plot No Problem by Baty
3.  The Help by Stockett
4.  Water for Elephants by Gruen
5.  The Uglies by Westerfield

That last one I need to review:

Uglies is book one is a series by Scott Westerfield.  There are four of them

I plan on reading all of them, just not in a row.  It was a good book, but not like Hunger Games where I was desperate to read the next book right away!  It's about a dystopian world (again) where everyone in the "city" is ugly until they turn 16.  At 16 everyone gets an operation to become pretty.  The authorities say this way of life helps keep the peace, everyone ends up being beautiful so there is nothing to fight for or be jealous about.  The story follows Tally, who wants nothing more than to be beautiful.  Her best friend, a boy, had his operation a few months ago.  She meets a new friend, Shay, who tells her about a place where people have escaped to, and live like the "Rusties" (that's us).  Shay ends up running away before her operation to this civilization, and Tally gets interrogated by the government as to where she went.  They tell Tally she cant have her operation until she travels to, infiltrates, and leads them to the place.  So the whole book is about her doing, or not doing, that;)  It's pretty good!  However, I didn't have the need to finish it right away.  So, I give it a:

I do recommend it.  It's a great book for teens too - I think that in this case, it's a teen book that they will love but adults may not.  I do want to know what happens in the other books, but I think I'll wait on that:)

I have a very busy week.  I can't wait to upload all my pictures of everything that has been going on!  More on that later....

I'm off to tweek the bliggity blog a little!!!  Tell me what you are reading - I always need ideas!