July 23, 2011

Vacation Month - I guess!!!

July has been a hoot!  Of course, that means while I'm having so much fun-in-da-sun, I haven't been blogging.  Like, at all.  But you know that, if you have been reading my blog!!

I've been working on projects for sure - just not at our house.  Helping my parents do their reno is taking up mucho timo, but I promise I'll show pics when we are done.  Heck, I may even taken pictures of the place this week so you can see how bad it is, before it gets better!

I am reading, just very very slowly!  I decided to break my own rule (surprised?) and read Harry Potter.  Just the 7th book right now.  Since it's my....um...5th or 6th time reading it...it is going more slowly like summer reading should I guess?  I'm almost done, but so is July!  I do have a massive book list waiting for me, here are some of the titles:

1.  Divergent (kind like Hunger Games I hear?)
2.  Baby books like what to expect when expecting and what to expect the first year...see below
3.  William and Kate: A love story
4.  The girl with....books (Dragon Tattoo, etc)
5.  Lincoln Lawyer (it's movie too now, I hear...)

and many more!  Its these lazy-hazy days of summer that are keeping me from being speedy reader I guess?  I'm having a wonderful summer, fun with friends and my family, and doing my parents a huge favor by working cheap-o for them with the renovations.  Its a good life!

Oh yeah, the baby books - no alarm I'm not "expecting" or anything.  I just had the crazy thought to actually READ these books before we even what to start trying - so I have an inkling of what is going to happen to me, my body, and the bambino when the time actually comes.  They were 50 cents each at the Good Will, so I can't beat the price for a book I'll want someday anyways, right?  The more I know, the less I'll mess up the kid;)  Plus, I'm just interested in learning about pregnancy and babies, is that weird?  Well, I'm 30 - I guess it was coming to me anyways!!

That's all for now!  Hope everyone is having a fab Sat!