July 11, 2011

Owl be crazy!

I'm really loving owls right now.  Like, really loving them!  I am trying NOT to cover our whole house with them.  Why do I love them?  IDK...I think it started with loving Hedwig so much in HP.  Also, they are adorable - really!  I know they are strange birds, but that is what makes them so cute.  They ask, "who?" all the time too, there's something really funny about that;)

Look at this little guy I found at Good Will!  I hate his colors, but I hearteth him....

 I want to spray paint him white like Hedwig and use him as decor in our London themed living room, so...

 I borrowed this spray paint from mom.  I love spray paint!!  You can see a very blurred and worried Frodo there on the floor.  Don't worry bub - it's not time for your makeover;)  Anyways, here he is all done!!

 Isn't he so sweet!!  I shall love him forever and ever!  Here he is in his new home,

Sorry - my camera really really stinks.  I need a new one!!  Anyways, here he is sitting on our shelf.  Since this pic was taken, I've moved that wedding pic and put all our HP hardcover books on this shelf next to him.  They make great decor with the London theme.

Here is another owl that has since come to live with us!  He was my grandad's wise ol garden owl.  He was living on my parents porch and mom and I were out there and I was green with envy for him, so mom gave him to me!  She says he is a little scary, but I think he is too cute!  Again, bad photography...sorry...I promise one day it'll get better!

And another little owl friend, for our 1 year anniversary Dave got me this sweet owl charm and the shamrock charm.  I love this little guy too!

Anyone else feeling the owl thing lately?  I'm determined to have an owl nursery, when the time comes to have said nursery.  Not yet, thank you!!

Speaking of owls, sort of, I'm breaking down and reading HP 7, did I mention that already?  With the movie coming up, I just had to!