August 7, 2013

Awesome Free Art Round up!

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Ok, I have a MILLION blog posts to write still like Disney Planning part 3 and all the updates on the house and Ashley's room and those are all coming but I HAVE to share this link!

I was looking online for some whimsy FREE artwork for Ash's room and stumbled upon this gem. I love so many of these magical pieces and all can be printed for free.  I have printed some for her room, our gallery wall and even my school counseling office at work.  Just look at these cute ones!

I think I've printed 10 so far - I'll figure out where to use them later.  If you enjoy whimsy, free art, you must go visit!  Paint an old frame a happy color (i'm in the middle of doing this now) and stick one of these in there - instant joy and loveliness to any part of your house;)  Love them!  They would be great in kids rooms and nurseries and...well everywhere.  Enjoy;)


I have found more awesome free art that I have to share.  These pieces are finding their way onto my walls in some way or another...

Bike art from here

All you need is love and Fun is good from here

Les Mis quote from here

Rainbow leaves from here

Follow your heart from here

These are all really sweet printables!  I love them all!  Can't wait to show you where they all end up;)