August 24, 2013

Overdue Updates!

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You may remember that I was revamping an old cart that my mom gave me - it has been done for over 2 months now...I just haven't blogged about how awesome it is!!!

When last we spoke on these things, I had filled the holes and scratches and primed the thing within an inch of all of our lives and it was ready for color.  I chose a happy orange...sort of a reddish orange, to go with the happy green color of my DIY RUG.

I like Valspar colors...I probably have every color of the rainbow!

I used the whole can and did maybe 5-6 really light coats.  Shake well, spray lightly and not too close, and keep coming back until it looks good!

So pretty!!!  I love how it turned out.  Then, it was time to place her and decorate her!  Most of the things I bought were from HomeGoods in late June...all outdoor friendly.

Isn't it SO cute!!  We love it.  It's so convenient too, especially when we are grilling and eating outside. I've since added better utensils, from IKEA, that are bright colors too.

I love the pop of color, and I love my DIY rug, which I will have to blog about next.  It was SO easy and its SO fun out there!

Here is a good shot of the rug...technically I need to get a carpet pad to make it more "sturdy" but I haven't gotten around to that.  FYI it has held up through tons of rain (rainy August, anyone?) and looks just as good, no worn or torn or anything!  Not bad for a under-$20 DIY project, right?!?!

Overall it's look waaaaay cute on our deck lately!

Next year we are going to upgrade our outdoor furniture.  We are thinking of doing a living room type of arrangement instead of tables and chairs.  It'll be more comfortable, and when we eat outside we can either eat at the table we will make sure to get or with dinner trays.  It's still an idea we are forming.  We sit and relax out here way more than we eat out it's a thought!

For now, we are enjoying the lovely weather and the happy colors that greet us as we walk out here.  Cheers!