August 23, 2013

How I did on my "TO DOs"

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Welp...I am back to work!  That  went by fast, didn't it???  YIKES!  I got a lot done this summer.  There are also a bazillion things I didn't get done, but wanted to.  So I guess this TO DO list is now going to be renamed into the "Ongoing" list.

Let's see how I did, shall we??  Eval time!

As you can see, the list grew to 2 pages long over the summer.  If I would have just stuck to my original list, I may have been more successful in finishing it, but what fun is a TO DO list that doesn't get bigger;)  I kept adding so that I would know what needs to be done eventually, even if it takes me years.  Some of those things are more urgent than others too.  I'm still going to plug away at them all until their are done but let's face it, the list will NEVER be "done".  I am thinking of 4 things right now that I can add to it!

I want to say that redecorating Ashley's room was the big project of the summer.  It's so cute and perfect for her.  That is another blog in itself but here is one pic for ya...

She is very happy with it and it really is so much more grown up then her last room.  I'll post about that this weekend.  I have a lot of blogging-catching-up to do!

This morning is Ashley's Freshman Day at her high school, I took the morning off to go to that with her and Dave.  I can't believe there is a high school student in our house!!!  We keep wondering what the next 4 years will be like!?  It's going to be a wild ride, for sure.  One that we will cover in massive amounts of prayer so we don't lose our minds;)

So that's my evaluation of myself.  In terms of HCPS I would say I had an "effective" summer because of the amount of stuff I actually got done - I tackled some big projects!!

Do you get a lot done this summer?