September 30, 2013

Book review

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I just finished reading this series, Caster Chronicles {Beautiful Creatures} yesterday.  It took me maybe...a month to finish these books?  Not because I didn't enjoy them but with work and life and what not I just don't have the time to read like I did in the summer.  I would read when I got home, and before bed, and on the weekends, whenever I could steal some time.  These were all fairly long books too, so I guess that didn't help!

What to say about this series?  I liked it.  Not as much as Harry Potter {not one book will ever come close} or Twilight or any of my other favorites, but it was still a good series.  It did get a little weird for me towards the end, maybe a little too dark and witch-crafty, but not so much that I wanted to stop reading it.  The first book was my favorite, boy meets Caster girl and there are tons of supernatural events that try to keep them apart...spells, family, death, going "Dark", etc.  I love the first person voice of the main character, Ethan.  Lena got kind of annoying in books 2 and 3, and book 4 was just plain weird but at that point in a series you can't just give up!  I never saw it going the way it did, which I guess makes it a good story because it did totally surprise me.

I think if you enjoy Young Adult Lit with some Paranormal, as I do, then you will enjoy the story of this series.  I was eager to find out what happens and that is a telltale sign that I am enjoying myself.  If reading about witch craft and dealing with dark subjects upsets you, then I would stay away.  I can handle a lot of "dark" subjects, and this teetered on the edge of what I can tolerate.  The story was good enough to keep me interested, though, so I kept on reading.

Oh and by the way - the movie is terrible.  They change so much, and the ending isn't even the same {I'm guessing because they only are making one movie?} so pleeeeeease don't judge the book by the movie!  For the record I read the 1st book before I watched the movie.  Actually, the movie is what got me to read the book!  When I saw that it was coming out, I thought, "Oh wow, those books are good enough to be movies...I need to read them!" and so I did.  Bleh, what a stinky movie!

I am getting that "hangover" that us readers experience after reading a series.  I'm sort of lost and wondering what to read next.  I think I need a few days to think about the books and get over the experience.  Yes, I have book nerd problems;)  {Notice how I used a full sentence there?  Regular spaced language!?!  NOT #booknerdproblems.  I hate hashtags.  Hashtags are dead to me.  These guys agree}

Anyways, back to the series...I'm giving it 3 ears.

I guess I should introduce my new rating system.  My love for Disney and books is getting married by way of a rating system for what I read.  Here it is!

Isn't that cute?  Here is how I am using it:

1 ear= I did not like the book, I probably didn't finish it.
2 ears= I got through this book, but I wanted to give up most of the time.
3 ears= I liked this book, it was good & interesting, but I probably won't read it again.
4 ears= I really enjoyed this book and I may read it again.
5 ears= I loved this book so much that not only am I going to reread it but I am going to tell everyone I know they should read it and love it as much as I do!!!

Now I'm pondering on which book to read next.  I have about 20 here at the house that I need to read, the new Dan Brown, some Nicholas Sparks I haven't read, some Disney bios and books, etc.  I can't decided what I want to get into next.  What are you reading?!