September 19, 2013

To do Update!

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It's time for my TO DO list update!!!  My summer list started sort of small, and then it grew and grew as I got more ideas and made more plans.  At the end of it all, it looks like this:

I accomplished 35 out of 57 things that I wanted to do, or 61% of the list.  That's not too bad!  I mean, if it's a grade in school...ok that's bad, but if we look at it as I accomplished MORE THAN HALF of the things I wanted to do over the summer, well...I think that is pretty good;)  Especially because I kept adding onto it!  My summer was only 67 days long, so that was almost a project a day, with a 10 day vacation (Disney!)  I'm going to call that a productive summer!!!  I had FUN too, swimming and going on adventures and hanging out with family and doing so.much.reading!  It was a great summer.

But now, Fall is upon us.  In just a few days, the sun will start dipping lower in the sky, the leaves will start changing, Christmas stuff will be coming out (who else gets annoyed by this?  One holiday at a time, please!  I cried myself to sleep the first day of July when I went to Target and saw school supplies out) and the chillier temps that will drive me into leggings, sweaters and boots (it sounds cute but believe me, its totally not, but hey I am comfy!)  

So, I thought I would create a new list for this new season.  All of the things that I didn't do over the summer went onto this list, and then I added a few that I'd like to see done.  

It's a hefty list already and I'll be honest, I'm already thinking of more things I can add to it!

I really love Fall, do you?  I mean, I love summer because I have off and we can swim and go to the beach and I have tons of time to get stuff done...but I also love the colors and weather of October and November, pumpkins and chilly nights and Thanksgiving and my birthday (11/24 - I'll start accepting gifts early) and looking forward to the holidays and snow.  It's such a fun season!  We do hay rides and corn mazes and haunted houses and the Renaissance Festival and Halloween stuff - it's a different kind of fun from summer but still fun all the same.

Plus, being in school working makes me take advantage of the time I do have free - I try to make it count.  I appreciate the weekends and even the week nights, if I can spend time with family or read or write a little or get some domestic things done.  

I could do better with my time management, I still have yet to follow any type of schedule for myself, I wanted to wake up early and take walks and write in the morning and make a schedule for cleaning the house...I get some of those things done but not in an organized way.  It's like what Dave Ramsey says about money, you have to tell it where to go, not let it tell you.  Don't you just love Dave Ramsey?  I have to tell my time where to do, take control of how I use it!  That's a goal for myself this weekend, to try to make a schedule and stick to it.  We'll see how that goes;)

This week at work has been a rough one for me again, I have at work, and I feel like I am still behind trying to catch up.  I'm like one of those cartoons who starts running and doesn't really get anywhere.  Tuesday morning I woke up at 3:00 so sick I really thought I was going to die.  I know, I'm so dramatic.  But it was that bad, Dave almost took me to the ER until I cried enough to get him to take me to Express Care instead.  It was possible that I was dehydrated at that point.  It was just a very painful case of a stomach virus, at least that's what EC said.  They told me to stay home all day Tuesday (I was actually trying to go in for the afternoon) and Wednesday.  There was NO way I was missing two days of work this week so I rested as much as I could on Tuesday and got myself through Wednesday with tons of water and hand washing and lots of prayer.  So here is to hoping next week is the week I feel like I am catching up;) 

I can't believe it's almost Friday again!  I am hoping to get a few to-dos done this weekend, with some family time up in there too.  What's on your to-do list for this fall?!?!