September 29, 2013

Weekend update

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It seems the more I want the weekends to slow down, the faster they go.  Sometimes, I feel that it's almost cruel that we have to work hard, really hard, 5 days a week for over 8 hours and then only have 2 days off.  If you are like me...the weekend feels like it's barely started and then it's over.

Friday night is always a bust because I am so darn tired.  Dave & I will go out to dinner early, like right after I get home.  He usually sleeps most of the day and doesn't eat when he wakes up so he is hungry, and I am tired and ready to relax for the night.  So we choose a place to enjoy dinner, and then veg on the couch the rest of the evening.  It is nice to relax together, but I am usually asleep by 10.  Wooooo, party animal!!!

Saturday is the best day of the whole weekend.  A whole day ahead of me, an evening where I don't have to worry about going to bed at any certain time, and plenty of energy to tackle all my to dos and spend time with fam.  Love it!

Sunday is just...mean.  I mean, besides the church-going, praising-the-Lord part, which I love...all I do is worry about Monday and all that I have to do.  I really try not to, but I can't keep work off my mind these days because it's so busy!

See what I mean?  It goes by fast, and really it only feels like one day off.  I really need to start looking at it a little better, be more positive.  What happened to that Tina?  I think I killed her!

Anyways, despite it's hurry to leave me, this weekend was really nice.  Friday Dave & I went to Havre de Grace, a little town on the Susquehanna that we love to visit.  We ate dinner at Laurrapin, a cute little bistro/grille in the middle of town that we enjoy now and then.  They have great food.  Right now they have an Octoberfest type menu going on, really fun!  I love that they do farm-to-table too.  That's just awesome!  After dinner we crashed, I fell asleep on the couch almost right away.  It was barely 9:00pm.  I'm so ashamed...

Saturday mornings are always reserved for my mom.  Let me tell you about my mom.  She is awesome.   She is totally my best friend.  I pick her up and head to the Bel Air Farmers market in town to buy fresh veggies, we go almost every week!  Then, we usually hit up Wegman's for a while.  We'll scoot around with our carts and fountain sodas, trying all the samples out and buying things we totally don't need but love to try.  Wegmans is the best, they have so many things that other stores don't have and I love them for it.  Sometimes after that, we'll go across the street to Lemon n' Ginger Asian Grille for sushi.  It's sort of funny that we drop money on groceries and then go out to eat.  We laugh about it over our miso soup;)  We may head to ShopRite or Safeway or HomeGoods or Target next, depending on our moods.  Yesterday, we mixed it up a bit and went to Arby's since mom had a coupon for 2 meals for $7.99.  I forgot how yummy Arby's is!  Then we head home, we are usually tired at this point because we've been shopping for hours (about 9-2 every Sat!)  It's a nice little tradition we've got going, and especially good for her since Dad & Jonathan are usually screaming or crying over this team on Saturdays.

Dave had to work last night so I busied myself with reading, organizing the house, cleaning our deck and 1st floor and watching some Friends.  Sometimes it's nice to stay home and get stuff done.  When I have the house to myself on these nights, I like to be productive!!  I also worked on my book a little bit.  I have about 60 pages so far!  It's totally not good at all, but I am writing it all out and will go back and fix the bad parts.  It'll take me 20 years, but I am going to write it!

Today we didn't go to church (Gasp!  Heathens!!) since Dave was sleeping and I usually take Sunday mornings after he works to force myself to rest, sleep, or read.  I'm very busy, so it takes a lot for me to sit still for a bit.  I have to pencil in that chill time.  I ran some errands, sort of watched the Ravens game (boo) and waited for the hubs to wake up.  Today was my parents 40th wedding anniversary which is just so sweet and wonderful.  Jonathan and I (and Dave and Krystal) took them out to dinner to their favorite, Liberatore's, and we had a nice family dinner.  I meant to snap a picture of them tonight.  Darn.  I'm getting terrible at remembering to document life!!!  Anyways, we surprised them with a gift card to use on their anniversary trip to NYC (my parents LOVE NYC, and go a few times a year.  Who doesn't love NYC?!?!)  Oh here, I found a great pic of them from last winter when we all went to NYC together...

Aren't they so sweet?  They are the best.  I know everyone thinks that about their parents, but I really mean it.  They are both retired now and I have never seen them so relaxed and happy about life.  It really is wonderful.  Now they've been married 40 years!!!  We came home after dinner and Dave watched football while I read and then watch Once Upon a Time.  Ash came home from youth, and we are getting ready for the long week ahead.  Whew!

So that was my weekend.  Not too crazy, but definitely not BLAND either;)  I enjoyed the time with my family, with Dave, on my own (what song am I singing right now?) with time to get stuff done.  What did you do this weekend?!?! {I ask even though I know no one will answer!}