November 18, 2013

Do NOT ask your teenager for a Christmas list.

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So, seriously.  Don't ask.  Because if you do.  You will get something like this...

1.  Ugg boots.  Price? $155
2.  North Face Jacket.  Price?  At least $100.
3.  A "Nice" camera {even though said teen has 2 cameras, neither are good enough) Price?  At least $150...
4.  TWO pairs of Vans.  Price of one? $45
5.  Tom's.  Price?  At least $45
6.  Sperry's.  Price?  At least $80.
7.  iPhone 4c.  $600 since she's not due for an upgrade.  In our words "ain't NO way you are getting that!!!".  We talk classy 'round here.

So that is over $300 in footwear my friends.  Why do teenage girls need SO many different pairs of shoes?  Don't answer that, it's a dumb question.  I want all the same shoes {except for the Vans.  Sooooo 1996 for me!}  See those Uggs up there?  Those are for me, not her;)  They also cost $205.  Owie.

Are you starting your lists yet?  What about decorating?  We got all of our Christmas decor down from the attic yesterday.  I just can't help it.  I have to decorate.  I'm in the Christmas mood and I want it to throw up all over our house!!!  Since my birthday is this weekend, I'm using that as an excuse to get what I want.  Is that wrong?  Oh, it is?  Well...I'm turning 33 and that depresses me, so what's wrong with a little pick-me-up?  Not a thing;)

I've even turned on the Christmas music every where that I can.  Home, car, office...

Anyways, I'm going to go tell our teenager that she is going to have to Sophie's Choice her list.  I'm sweating just looking at it all typed out!!

What's on your list??  Mine includes new dishes for the kitchen, some kitchen equip we don't have, tons of different books, and some quality time with my family.  I love the holidays!!!