November 26, 2013

Here are 33 things...

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Hello.  My birthday was on Sunday.  I'm still waiting for your gifts in the mail;)

I had an awesome birthday weekend.

 As a tribute to my 33 years here on Earth, I thought I'd kick up a little post with 33 pieces of information about yours truly.  Call it the "everything thing you never wanted to know about Tina but read anyway" post.  I'm sorry!

Um...these aren't in any order.  And they are random.  They are not very profound, they are things that may be swimming around my head right now...

1. I think that it would be cool to live in England around 1900. But only if I was rich like the Crawleys, or Mr. Darcy.  Life was cool for them.
2. "Don't let the pigeon drive the bus" is one of the funniest books I have ever read.  It's for kids.
3. I never have enough patience to keep my nails looking good. I do too much with my hands. I wish I was better!
4.  Soft pretzels are one of my most favorite things. I could be saying this because I had some from McGerks on Sunday...I am dreaming of eating more!
5.  I love to cook.
6.  I don't ever use the iron. Ever.
7.  I loved high school.
8. College was only ok. If I could go back in time I would scream at myself to go live on campus, it is one of the few regrets I have. Although, if that happened, I wouldn't have the life I have today...and I saved my parents a lot of money by staying home...and I ended up getting involved in church...soooo I don't really regret it:) Just live on campus when you go to college, ok?  But go to church too;)
9.  I see and live my life as magically as I can. I know its not all rainbows and butterflies all the time and I do get upset and angry a lot...but I try to live a full and happy life as much as possible. If something doesn't make me or my family happy, I don't do it!!
10.  As an adult, I prefer books to social life.  If I could read all day as my job, I would! 
11.  We went to a Ray Rice Kindness Rally on Friday.  We took Ash and her friend Meg.  It was awesome.  Ray Rice was RIGHT in front of us.  I think he smiled at me.  We were in tons of pictures and on camera a lot.  

12.  I am a massive cheese ball.  I know!  I can't change it though!

13.  Dave & I are going to Las Vegas in 2 weeks.  
14.  I haven't traveled the US much, just the east coast really, except one trip to Ohio, and one trip to Indiana.
15.  I think people who air out their dirty laundry on Facebook, or people who complain (like, really complain, not joking) or are mean, should shut down their Facebook.  But that's just me.  I like reading about the great things people are doing, posts about kids and family, pictures of fun stuff, etc.  I don't get on there to read about drama, how horrible or unfair you think life is (I promise you, it's not.  If you have a Facebook and a means to get on it and time to complain then your life is plenty good!!!)  Thank you!
16.  I'm addicted to reading blogs.  Mine will never be that good, but I love being a part of a blog world.  
17.  I make to do lists and grocery lists all the time.  Then I forget to look at them, or take them with me!
18.  My cat, Frodo, is really awesome.
19.  I want to move to Florida.  Like right now.  As long as my parents go too!
20.  I miss Disney World!
21.  I have a mild obsession with Pioneer Woman.  Don't tell her that I have all her episodes on DVR, read her blog like its my job, own all of her cookbooks, and cook all of her recipes.  She will think I am way weird.  Which, I guess I am!
22.  Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the year.
23.  Christmas is my favorite holiday.
24.  I really, really, really LOVE snow.  I can't wait for our 1st snow this winter!
25.'s really hard to write 33 things about myself.  Does that make me humble?  Wait, no...I can't be humble since I am writing a post about myself.  I guess I need to be more humble.  Seriously!
26.  I never allow non-organic milk in my house.  Ever.  After reading about what is in non-organic milk, I almost swore off milk for good.  I know, there are so many other things to swear off, but we started with milk!
27.  I have writers block right now.  I haven't written any part of my book for a week.  Which is not good for NANOWRIMO.  I'm going to have to catch up a lot this weekend.  November is over on Saturday!  Wait...what?
28.  I get excited about holidays, and then I get sad before they are even over because I know they are going to be over soon.  Isn't that weird?  I just love holidays and the time off and seeing my family, and then it's over and we go back to work and life isn't as fun.  Siiiiiiigh.
29.  I love Jesus.
30.  I have 497405947072341 DIY projects laying around the house that I haven't gotten around to DIYing yet.  I'm totally turning into my mother!!!!
31.  I can't go to bed without ice water.  I have to have it.  If I don't, it's like I'm stuck in a desert on the sun in July.  I must have it immediately!
32.  I have read the Harry Potter series at LEAST 10 times all the way through in my life.  Not joking.  I'm probably missing a few times, but I can't remember?  I'll reread it at least 30 more times I bet!
33.  I work with some really amazing people.  Seriously.  You should see how awesome the teachers and staff are at my school.  The best of the best, I tell you!

There.  Now you have a little taste of what is in my brain right now.  Hope you enjoyed it!!

Are you ready for Thanksgiving?!?!