November 23, 2014

34 things I'm THANKFUL for...

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In honor of my 34th birthday tomorrow, and because it's the week of THANKSGIVING, I thought it'd be fun to list things I am thankful for.  I didn't have the stamina to do another month of daily posts on FB, so writing them here is the next best thing - all wrapped up like a little present!  34 for 34.  

1.  The life God has given me.  Yes, it's been a rough life this year, but overall, it's a very blessed life and I can see that.  Thank you God, for this incredible life!

2.  My husband.  He's perfect for me.  He more than makes up for any of my shortcomings and is the best person that I know on this earth.  He works so hard, he takes care of me, he cheers me up, he makes me laugh, he helps around the house, and he is the best friend I've ever had.  Isn't marriage awesome?  The idea of this post totally came from being with him, this morning as we made breakfast and sang some silly song together and I thought to myself, "I am so darn thankful for this man!"

3.  Ashley.  Being a stepmom is tough, but the tough is totally worth it.  She is a smart kid, has a beautiful heart and a good head on her shoulders.  She loves how silly Dave & I are, even though she pretends to be embarrassed by it.  It's fun being a part of her life, and trying my hand at parenting in this crazy but fun way.  Sometimes I totally stink at it, but I am learning!
4.  My parents.  I know that having both of my parents alive and together is a blessing.  They are the rocks in my world, besides Dave.  If I am not with Dave & Ash, I am usually with them.  I love them so much,  I can't imagine life without them!  
5.  My Saturdays with Mom.  This sort of goes with the last one, but mostly every Saturday Mom and I spend some great quality time together.  We do our grocery shopping, and go to Target, and have lunch, and just have a great time.  I cherish this day!  Dad usually goes to Jonathan's, at least in the fall, so while I get time with Mom, he gets time with Dad.  It works out nicely.
6.  My bro.  We weren't crazy about each other growing up but now we are great friends.  We don't see each other much in the fall/winter, but once that pool opens up our family is together all the time and we have a lot of fun together.  I'm thankful that he is there for me, and for my parents too, and how smart and helpful he is.  Heck, I'm even thankful for his intense and slightly crazy obsession with Notre Dame football;)
7.  Which reminds me...I'm also thankful for his and Krystal's pool!  Come on summer!
8.  My siblings-in-law.  Krystal - Matt - Laurie.  Jonathan and I didn't have a lot of other "kids" in our family growing up.  It was us and our 2 cousins.  Now, I love that I have more brothers and sisters!  I love who each of them are, and how fun they all are.  I love spending time with them, when we can all make it work and be together.  I can't wait to spend time with you all during the holidays!

9.  Frodo.  He is my cat, and I love him.  He is slightly obsessed with me (sitting under my chair as a type right now...) and the feeling is mutual.  He also happens to be the cutest thing EVER. Sweet kitty!
10.  Our babies.  They aren't physically here with us, but they have touched our hearts and our lives in ways that we couldn't imagine this year.  They made me a mom, and I'll never stop being thankful for that.  Love you<3
11.  Our home.  It's quaint and right now it's totally a mess, but it's cozy and sweet and I have so much fun fixing it up and decorating it and changing things around all the time.  I love how our little family makes it feel like a home!  I love being a homeowner, I feel so grown up ;)
12.  My bed.  It's been a tiring year.  I think about our bed more than I probably should.  It's my safe haven, and it's totally comfortable.  I bet it's more comfy than your bed! ;)
13.  Big Bang Theory.  You guys have gotten me through a tough time.  You've gotten me thought sleepless and lonely and sad nights.  You make me laugh no matter how much we watch you.  Every time we finish Season 7, we start right back over at Season 1.  It's kinda weird, but oh are we!
14.  My slippers.  They are really cozy and warm on my tootsies right now!
15.  My love for reading.  I love that I love to read.  It's one of the qualities about me that I am most proud of.  I love curling up with a great book and just getting lost in it.  I am so thankful for books!
16.  My job.  Its fun, its challenging, and some days its totally tough, but I love it and I love learning more about it and look forward to how much more I can grow in my profession.

17.  My coworkers.  They are seriously great, and we have a lot of fun together.  It's been a really challenging year for us so far, but we help each other get through it.  I hope that we can all continue to be positive and nice to each other and help each other out since it's been so rough.  Each and every one of us is struggling, but some are more than others and it's our job to lift them UP and help carry them through!  No negativity or misery at Hickory!
18.  My fitbit.  It helps motivate me to move my butt!
19.  This blog.  Honestly, I can't even imagine where I'd be after losing the babies if I didn't have this blog to vent and cry and write on.  I'm thankful for each and every one of you who read it, and support our family through the aftermath of grief.  
20.  My decision to cut back on social media.  No, I'm not able to give it up entirely, but after our loss this summer I decided to really crack down on what I allow in my head and heart.  As much as I love Facebook, sometimes it's not the best place for me to be, personally.  I understand and respect that everyone has the right to post whatever they want, I'm just not able to let negativity or complaints or ranting about others bounce off of me anymore.  It's like I absorb the negative and it infiltrates my heart, and it makes me feel sick.  I just want the world to be a happy place, but obviously I know that is not real or even close to being true.  It's so weird, but I am thankful for it in a lot of ways because I've been able to be more productive with my time.   I don't think I'll ever be able to give it up all the way, but for now my system works!
21.  Insurance.  I know this seems weird, but there are so many families out there who don't have good insurance and health care is expensive.  We paid $0 on our pregnancy and loss this year, all thanks to insurance.  I can't imagine having to pay on their deaths, long after they are gone.  I'm thankful I don't have to do that and I hope to help others that do!

22.  My friends.  You know who you are, and I couldn't get through life without you.  Near or far, whether we see each other or not, I love you all and am so thankful for you!
23.  Target.  Who in the world is NOT thankful for Target?  
24.  Coffee.  Yum.
25.  Living about 5 feet away from Dunkin Donuts.  It's good and bad, but mostly good!  If I don't feel like making breakfast in the morning, I can zip through the drive through and get a coffee and some wake up wraps and be on my way!
26.  Bubble bath.  I'm a bath person, I love sitting in a tub full of bubbles and drowning my sorrows and stresses with my stress reducing bubble bath!  :)

27.  Traveling.  Even though we've been "grounded" for while now, I love that we all love to travel.  Mostly to Disney (withdrawal!) but also to great places like Europe.  We are working hard to save and save, and be smart with money per Dave Ramsey, but soon we'll get another fabulous trip on the books!  For now we will settle for another awesome trip to the OBX next summer with my whole fam, it gives us something fun to look forward to!  I can't wait!
28.  Being crafty.  I'm thankful that I have a creative keeps me sane!
29.  Maryland.  I love MD!  Even though we are serious about moving to Florida in 2.5 years, I love living here.  We are close to DC, and NYC, and the beach and the mountains.  Pretty much any type of climate or setting, we can get to within 3 hours.  Plus...crabs....berger cookies...the bay...the Ravens...come on!  Maryland is awesome!
30.  My iPhone.  Remember years ago when we wanted to know something, and we had to ask around or look in up in a random book?  Anything we want to know and more is just a click away!  Plus, having a camera with me at all times?  Totally awesome.  Technology is cool.  Oh and plus!  Texting...because I loathe talking on the phone!
31.  Thanksgiving dinner.  It's the best dinner of the idea year.  Turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes...I can't wait!
32.  Boots.  Did you know I bought three pairs today? ;)
33.  Jesus.  For saving me.  For loving me.  For practically dragging me or carrying me through life this year.  He makes me strong, and happy, and I am so thankful He loves me THAT much!
34.  34 years of life on this Earth.  I hope that God allows me at least 34 more.  Thank you for my years!

Whew...that was long, but fun.  Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!   What are you thankful for?!

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