November 30, 2014

It's getting festive!

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I am totally in the Christmas spirit.  I've baked, I've decorated, I've done some Christmas-y crafts, and we even bought our tree tonight!  Tis' the season...

It started a few weeks ago when I went to Joanns and dropped way more money than I wanted to on a whole bunch of supplies.  I had about 10 craft ideas in my head, all whirling around demanding attention.  So far out of those ideas, I've completed one;)

That first craft was a wreath.  Not just any wreath!

I totally made a Mickey wreath!  I had a blurry idea of what I wanted, but had no idea how to make it.  There are tons of Mickey wreaths on Pinterest, but really no tutorials on how to do it.  I could have made a tutorial, except I forgot to take pictures of what I was doing whilst I was doing it.  But I can tell you, it's really easy.  I just bought one of those wire wreath rings, you can see it buried up in that picture of my supplies.  I bought wreath-type garland and weaved it in and around the ring, until it looked full and wreathy.  That's a real word, I promise.

Then, using wire, I tied on the "ears" and since the garland has wire in it too, they stayed up all perky and perfect!  Then, I just started adding Christmas stuff on the wreath.  I didn't want it too busy, I wanted it to look like I stole it off the streets of Main Street, Magic Kingdom.  Bam.  Here it is...

And here it is all hung up on our door.  Sorry the pic is so dark, I should have taken a picture during the day.  One day, I'll get this whole take-great-pics-for-my-blog thing.  One day.

So, I'm really proud of my wreath.  If you hate it, please just lie to me and say you love it;)

The only other craft I've made is this sign...

I got the idea from a blog I read, Tatertots and Jello.  There are always great craft ideas up on there!  Anyways, for this all I used was black scrapbook paper and a chalkboard pen.

I really wanted to make a pretty rustic wooden frame for this.  But I would have had to go buy wood. And wood stain.  And then I would have had to cut it.  I tried using some wood we had here, but it wasn't the right size for a frame, and I was trying to only use stuff we already own.  I spent too much on Black Friday and now we have to live on Ramen for the next 5 days.  Just kidding...but seriously, I didn't want to spend any money on this.  So, I just stuck it in a too-small frame but tried to jazz it up with some pretty Christmas paper.   It's not that bad!

It looks great up on our winter wonderland shelf.  Isn't decorating for Christmas fun?!

 Here's a before shot of that same shelf.  So boring...

And here is another before/after of our staircase...don't you love our beautiful gray walls?  3.5 years later and I'm still in love with the color.  That's how you know you have found the "one"!

Here's my after.  Again, it's a dark pic, and I should really learn to be better than that;)

Oh and this is Molly.  She is our tree.  Since we got rid of that ugly wood stove, our tree can live here for the season, and there is so much more space for it!  I can't wait for the branches to fall so we can decorate it!  Don't mind the mess around our house.  Our house is hardly ever messy ;)

To set the "look what I have done" bar even higher, I set up a "wrapping station" in our basement! Well, wrapping station I mean I moved all our boxes, bows and paper down there and stuck it on or under a table.  It's all there for me to start wrapping the millions of gifts we bought this weekend.  I will organize it, eventually.  I'm trying to clean out our guest room for holiday guests, so I can't keep all that messiness up there.  I'm trying to be organized, it's just really hard.  We have way.too.much.crap in this house.

Anywho, how is this short break over already?  It was a fabulous weekend with family and friends, and a wonderful balance of rest and productivity.  I wish I could live that way forever, but alas work is tomorrow, and we have to get through 16 and 1/2 more days before winter break.  I think I can I think I can! 

At least our house is wonderfully festive on the inside!

Did you get any decorating or crafts done this weekend?!?  Do share!


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