January 22, 2012

Hang it up!

Well - our town's football season is over.  Yes, the Ravens lost to the Patriots.  Such a a sad day!  We had a great season and can't complain too much, best in our division and number 4 overall!  They played a great game and it just wasn't enough.  I can't remember what life is like on the weekends without football?  I'm sure I'll survive - but I am not sure Dave will!  Poor hubby!!

Today I mostly rested, I still have this cold hanging on to me and it's got me SO tired!  I need warmth and sunshine and summer - I never get sick in summer.  I did however get around to hanging some shelves that we bought from Target last week...

They went up in our dining room, themed around NYC.  I have to get better at hanging stuff on walls, it takes me so many tries!  I should really use that trick I learned from YHL, see that post here because it's very helpful for hanging pictures and I think I could have done it for this project too.  These turn out cute though - I am not sure about the decor I've put on them so far - I have NOTHING small enough and cute enough for the smallest cube shelf so I'll have to look for something to go on that.  I have a tiny candlestick on there in a few of these pics, but I hated it and have since put it back up on the main shelf.

I bought the cats at Good Will and spray painted them, they are too cute.  It's a good spot for them too because Frodo's food station is right underneath these shelves;)  The Taxi is from a Broadway shop in the Times Square Marriott - that is definitely staying there. 

Here is a wider shot.  I like that this wall isn't naked anymore!

Oh and remember how I said I couldn't find a yellow and that I had samples all over a small wall of my kitchen?

Yes it is kind of ridiculous.  I HAD to see each one on the wall, how it dries and looks...otherwise I could not pick one!  The winner is the paint chip you see sitting up on my little wine painting...its Olympic's Evening Glow - it's very perfect!  Its yellow, its bright, its Tuscan-like and it has a little hint of brown in it so it looks good with our other walls.  It's perfect!

In this next picture you can see a little part of the wall that has Evening Glow on it, right there on the bottom right.  Yay!  I found the ONE!!  I told my stepdaughter, and my friend Katie, that picking paint is like getting married for me.  You have to COMMIT, there is no going back!  You have to live with it for life!  Except that is not really true, with paint you can always paint over it, but what a pain! 

I have since painted over all these splotches - I want to paint that part with the Evening Glow...you know, just to be REALLY sure;)

We keep putting off work in the basement - so much to do down there and no motivation to do it.  We have to demo a brick wall and a yucky old shelf, to make sure there is no extra damage from the flood back in August.  We are turning that extra room from a craft room to a storage room to house all my stockpile.  It'll still be where my sewing machine lives too, but we have to make space for all this stuff I keep buying for free or cheap;)  Plus we need to hang out some Christmas presents in the main room, but Dave probably won't be in the mood for that for a while (p.s. its Ravens stuff).

I doubt we will get to it tonight with me not feeling well and the fact that the RAVENS stuff is all over the place down there, it may be heart breaking just to see that;)  I won't put anyone through that for a few days!

Upcoming this week, I am going to do a detailed post on my couponing, I've had a few people ask how I organize, find the deals, and shop - so I want to lay it all out on the blog to help and inspire.  It's so fun and so rewarding!!