January 9, 2012

Wegman deals, HomeGoods goodies, and more!

Happy Monday!

Was everyone as tired as I was today??  It was absurd, I can't be that tired!  I think it's the cold and the winter and the fact that it just seems so dark all the time.  I could get away with being a vampire in these parts these days;)

Yesterday I went to Wegmans to score some deals with coupons.  I love Wegmans because its soooo fancy, they have really cool stuff there, and I think that above all around here they have the best match ups for coupons.  I love shopping at ShopRite usually, because they have great deals beyond coupons although they do have some good match ups too, and I haven't had a lot of luck at Giant but I haven't tried too hard there yet because I don't go as much.  Wegmans never fails me though, when I shop there it feels like I am on Extreme Couponing watching the total get lower and lower and it is exciting!!  Here is what I bought last night:

2 pantene pro V
5 Ivory body wash (these smell DElightful!)
3 skintamit shave gels
2 International Delight (could have bought more but we don't have any more space in the freezer:/)
1 bag of Frozen veggies
1 French's Honey Mustard
2 jars Tabasco sauce
6 Sauve Shampoo/Conditioner
2 Boxes of Velveeta dinners (good for quick meals in a hurrrry)
1 Bag of Wegman brand chips

The total before sales a coupons was $55.77 and some change, and after coupons and deals I paid 23.16!  That's almost a 60% savings!  Yipee!!  No, it's still not 90% like the women on the show, I really DO NOT know how they do that...I am really trying.  Plus, I have enough bath & beauty products for me and Ash, and lots for Dave too, to last us over a year.  That's an awesome stockpile.  I only buy when I can get really great deals - otherwise I wouldn't bother stocking more!  I was pretty excited at the register, so was the guy that was the cashier - I chatted about how I find the deals and all that.  So fun!  Still room for improvement but I'll take it!

Tonight, we had a nice family night.   We went out to Chili's (coupon for free chips and queso in hand, always take a coupon!) then we went all around spending our Christmas gift cards.  Best Buy, Aero, AE, and ending with HomeGoods.  We had a good time!  Here was a fun find in HG:

 Dave's big joke with these was if they were dishwasher safe.  I actually think we should buy one, they are cute.  I could find a wall for one of them somewhere...sweet!

Enough of the jokes (no...but seriously want one) here are some things I did buy with my card from my sweet MIL:
 A globe.  Because, what is a house that is themed around travel if it does not have a globe?!  I scored this baby for $12.99.  Not too shabby! 

 Here is a wider shot of it on top of our shelf in a "NYC" dining area.  I love it already and can't imagine life without it;)

Then I bought these pillows, we've been looking all around for new pillows.  The silver one was supposed to be a pair but we couldn't find it in the store anywhere, so they marked it down for me.  Altogether the pillows were $35 and again...I love them and don't know how I ever lived without them!  LOL.

It's been a productive few days, in some ways.  In other ways, not so much.  The house is still a mess, coupons still need to be cut, laundry needs putting away, etc.  Can't win them all!  Tomorrow night is set aside to get stuff like that done.  For now, I need to go to bed - I need my sleep!  Night!