October 15, 2012

Fall decorating 101

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Ok so I haven't really started my fall decorating yet.  We've gotten to the step where Dave has gotten the fall decor box out of the attic.  That's about it.  It was a fun surprise seeing the cute crafty things I made last year.  I'll get some pics of those when I get everything up and cute-a-fied.  Yes, that's an official Tina term.

One thing I have done is this sweet project...

I wanted to share this because it's so simple and it's easy on the eyes.  I had this candle set from way back when we moved in.  It came with some rocks but they have gotten dirty over the years, and then I realized how ugly they really were.  So I threw them out.  I replaced them with coffee beans!!  I love it because when my tea lights get hot, they warm the beans up and I can smell a hint of coffee.  My tea lights are scented so I think if I had unscented ones I may smell the coffee a little more;)  But for now, I love it and its pretty and a nice fall addition.  Coffee makes me think of fall, is that weird? 

Anyone else putting up some awesome fall decor?  I've got lots more to do and will be back to post about that.  We have been getting LOTS done around here...I'm feeling quite productive lately!