October 2, 2012

Micro progress

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LOL TYPO on the prices...it's fixed;)

Right before Dave & I went to Europe, our over-the-range microwave bit the dust.  Well, actually, we think Ashley beat it into the dust.  It's been "acting out" for a while, it would do this thing where the touch panel would freeze up and not work.  Then, one day, after a make-my-popcorn-beating from Ash, the whole panel went dark.  It stayed dark.  The microwave is old, I think like 10+ years old...so we just figured we would buy a new one once we got home from the trip.  Here is the old guy pictured...poor fellow!

Fast forward through the awesome trip, and we come home to the flood in our basement.  After paying a few people to come out and look at our damage and telling us our neighbors have to dig up their pipes, we just decided to buy a cheapo microwave to hold us over until we could buy a nice one.  The Wal-Mart brand microwave drives me crazy.  First, it takes up counter space which I can NOT stand!!!  We have very little counter space as it is!!

See where the coffee pot is up there on the left?  That's where the cheapo guy lives right now.  Like I said, drives me crazy!!  This space is really my only work space, all our other counter space is way small.

We were going to wait until fall and buy a whole new appliance package for the kitchen.  I found, through research, that October is one of the best months to buy new appliances, with lots of great prices and sets that clock in under $2500.  But...since we are still looking at paying $5000+ for our basement to be fixed and, once again, finished, it looks like that appliance package will have to wait until spring. 

I can't wait until spring to have my kitchen back in order, so after scouring the internet and circulars for deals on microwaves, I found one that I loved.  It's a Frigidaire which is a great rated brand.  It's nice and sleek too.  Plus, I want all our other appliances to be Frigidaire so I know it'll match when we finally dive in and get those.  First, I was going to get it through Sears, they had a great price on it at $249.99 but then it was another 30% off and we could pick it up in store.  There is an option for delivery and installation, but that was over $100 more and I think we can probably install it ourselves.  I think;)

1239247 Larger Front

Isn't she pretty?  Yes, it's a she!!  Anyways, just to compare, I hopped on over (internet hopped) to Lowes and Best Buy to see their deals.  Lowes price was the same, with 25% off, but they price match so really I could go to either store for it.

Best Buy was the golden ticket!!  Online it was on sale for $189.99 and since we have a Best Buy credit card we got an additional 10% off.  The best part though, was that they would deliver it for FREE.  So we don't have to go get it and haul it home.  It came with a warranty, so if for some reason it doesn't work or fit (although it should, I took the measurements and made sure...always a good idea!!) then we can just take it right back and exchange it.

So, our new kitchen family member will arrive sometime between the 4th and the 11th, and I'll share all the dirty details about taking the old one out and putting our new friend in.  That should be an adventure!!

Any new appliances in your life?? ;)