October 31, 2012

Saving a little at a time!

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I've reorganized my coupon binder, so it's all pretty.  It only took about 3 hours, and lots of mess...good thing we had an extra day off a few weeks ago for me to spend doing this...

 My new binder is a pretty pink zip up binder which has great pockets in it, where I keep all the coupons I get in the mail or coupons that I print!  I'm still using a lot of the same coupon sites, like coupons.com, krazycouponlady.com, Safeways justforU, and Coupon Chief

I'm not as extreme as some, but I do like to save money when I can and when it's easy.  It really does pay off to coupon, because even if I am saving a little bit at a time, it adds up!!  In fact, last year in October I stockpiled SO much...things like non-perishables and personal hygiene stuff, that we are just now having to re-stock.  Can you believe that?  I bought a year's worth of that stuff, and saved so much by not having to buy more over the past 12 months.  Ash & I still have a few body washes and shampoos/conditioners too.

I love to save here and there on shopping and eating out.  We bought a few of those entertainment books last year, and are still using those coupons for family nights out, or friend lunch dates.  Like today, Katie and I are going out to eat and probably going to use one of those coupons, it feels good to save on something we love to do!!

I've definitely cut down on shopping a lot in the past few years, but I do love to go out every other month or so and have a good retail therapy day.  With Target coupons, I can save on things like clothes, shoes, home goods and food.  I love finding retail coupons online too, I just found this awesome Old Navish coupon on Coupon Chief, and I love me some Old Navy so you can bet I'll be using this soon!  This one is great because you can print it out and use it in the store (print and use by 11/7).  With Christmas coming up, I'm trying to gather as many coupons as possible to save on all those gifts!

I'm still learning lots, but love what I am saving so far.  We've been able to save money, pay bills, and go on fun trips with our extra money.  I'd love to be "extreme" with it but I just don't have the time.  Plus, I hear that the show, Extreme Couponing, is just not typical which is kind of sad.  I'm always watching and wondering, "how in the world do they save so much?"  I try not to get caught up in it though, it can be overwhelming and I just remember that saving ANY amount of money is saving, right?  Right!!

I saved about $10 with coupons at Wal-Mart last week buying Halloween candy.  I have SO much Halloween candy!  I'm so glad Trick-or-Treating is actually happening tonight so I can get the candy OUT of my house!  I hope everyone is doing well and recovering from Sandy OK!!  We are doing just fine and never even lost power.  Schools are still closed but I think Maryland is starting to bounce back:)

Happy Halloween!  Safe travels tonight!!