October 29, 2012

My Harry Potter Pumpkin Pinterest Challenge!

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So we did do some decorating for Halloween, although now everything has been bring in and put away because Sandy is paying us a visit.  FYI we are OK for now and still have power, but it's only 2:15pm and they don't expect it to get too crazy until after 4pm.  Praying hard for everyone's safety and that our power doesn't go out!  FINGERS CROSSED!

Anyways, my pumpkin this year was inspired by Pinterest!  I'm joining up in a...

Hosted by Sherry, Katie, Carmel, and Sarah.  Here is my finished product...

 It's a Harry Potter pumpkin!!!  Isn't he SO cute???  For those of you who know me at all, you know I am obsessed with HP, to a fault I think.  I just love the books!!   Here is the inspiration picture, found from here...

Totes my pumpkin this year!!! Harry-Potter pumpkin...OMG LOVE!

I tried to copy him exactly, but I didn't make the scarf extend out because...well I didn't know HOW to do that, so I didn't.  I think he still looks pretty adorbs though, right?  Here Harry is sitting with Dave's (right, with RAVENS carved into it) and Ashley's (above, a scary face) and our pretty mums from Home Depot.

Oh and in other decor news, here is the BOO I made last year to hang on the door.  I bought the letters from JoAnn's with a coupon and then bought fall-ish scrap paper and decoupaged in on the letters.  They are really cute and our hanging on our deck door (the one we use as a front door).

I also have my coffee filter wreath from last year hung up on our front red door.  Heather and I made a few of these last year, you can read about that here.

So anyways, this HP pumpkin thing was so easy.  First I traced the scar and the eye balls right on the pumpkin.  Then carved them out and tweaked it as necessary.

I can see Harry in his eyes! LOL.

Then after the carving, I got out some craft paint that I had on hand and painted his hair and eyes and glasses on.  Then I used a gold and red paint to finish up the Gryffindor scarf.

He looks really sweet at night all lit up!

I added a mischievous smile to him because...just because:)

A picture with the flash and a picture without. 

Isn't he so sweet?  Such an easy pumpkin to carve and decorate too!  Maybe he will be an annual addition to our Halloween decor!  Before we carved our pumpkins we put up our fun Hallow decor...

...with purple and orange lights and the creepy tombstones with spotlights on them.  It looks better in person, but it's really fun!  On Halloween night we planned to play scary music for all the trick or treaters...but with Sandy visiting we think that Halloween won't happen this year.  Sad!

The end result with the pumpkins made the house look great.  But, sadly, all has been brought in to safety.  So to all of you who will have a Halloween, stay safe and don't go into a sugar coma!!!

Happy Halloween!!  Happy Hurricane Survival Week!!

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