September 30, 2012

What a weekend!

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I had a great weekend!!  First of all, my cold is 98% gone, which is awesome because usually I am sick for 3 weeks on average.  I really tried to take care of myself, take my meds, take vitamins, drink water and eat some fruit to help the process go faster.  Second, Dave was off all weekend.  This has been happening more lately and it is so great because we get to spend really great quality time together.  For those who are hubs is a hard working night shift nurse at our local sometimes we have completely opposite schedules.  It's lovely when we get at least a whole day off together, let alone two!

Friday night we headed down to Baltimore to see our beloved O's play.  This is the first year that I can remember that they have done well.  We usually go to at least one game every year, but it's honestly sort of a joke most years with a half empty stadium and not a lot of hype.  Well, WOW, what a difference it was on Friday!  The O's are battling for first in our division and Camden Yards was PACKED.  It was like being at a Ravens games with everyone so pumped up and loud and excited.  We had great seats too;)

Here's a lovely Instagram of Dave & I. Yes yes we know...we look like brother and sister but no no we are NOT!  LOL.  They say that people who live together a long time start to look even more alike.  In that case we have no hope because we already look related;)  At least we are cute, right?  Haha.

 Saturday we had a breakfast date at Bob Evans, which is close enough to walk to.  We love eating here, it makes us feel like we are on vacation, and its super cheap;)  Gotta love a cheap date!  Then we visited a new store here in town called "Poor Boys" which was awesome!  I keep joking that it was like walking around inside Dave's head.  The store is full of every and any sort of Ravens and Orioles fan stuff you can imagine!  Clothes, furniture, barware, jewelry, jerseys, everything!  Even Steelers Suck toilet paper, how funny is that?  All of Dave's Christmas gifts are coming from that store.  It's amazing...if you are a local and a Ravens/O's fan, you must go.  If not, you live in the WRONG town;)  Dave bought a sweet Harbaugh-type polo shirt and I bought this adorbs ladies ravens tee, some earrings and some hair bows for both Ash and I.  Gotta have some cute stuff to represent on Purple Fridays.  I love our town!!

Later on Saturday we went to the Annual Wine Festival at Rockfield Manor.  We went last year and had so much fun.  You pay $25 and they give you a glass and you can taste unlimited wine samples from all the local wineries, plus non locals.  They also had a live band, tons of fun vendors, and some food stands.  I love that it is whole-family friendly too, so kids are welcome!  All the Belairians were out with their blankets and chairs and picnics and having a good ol time.  Including us...

We stopped by my parents afterwards, they live really close to the Manor where the wine festival was.  We hung out with them for a bit and shared some of the goodies we purchased.  When we finally got home we were so zonked, we just ordered Chinese and watched Independence Day on TV.  It was such a great day together, and a cozy evening in:)

We were supposed to go to church this am, but I did something crazy to my neck early in the am.  I was turning over in bed and heard a very loud, uncomfortable "pop" in my neck, which was immediately followed by extreme pain.  I'm telling really is NEVER a "bland" life with me.  There's always something dramatic going on;)  All day I have been in a lot of pain, I'm actually taking a super pain pill today so that I can sleep enough to function tomorrow at work.  Ouch.

We did manage to make a drive up to PA to pick up Ashley, it was lovely drive up there because it was such a PRETTY day and even though my neck was in pain the whole time, the scenery was worth it.  We dropped her off at youth group and headed over to Wegmans for our monthly shopping trip.  We are trying hard to keep our expensive shopping trips down to 1x a month, and to use lots of coupons when we do.  It's still a process.  I've fallen off of the coupon wagon again.  I definitely need to organize them all again and get back into it.  I love being frugal, but it does take a lot of time to plan.

Welp...that was my weekend!  I hope everyone else had a lovely one too.  We didn't get much done in the house, but that will hopefully change this week;)

Oh - how do you like my redesign so far??  Cute, isn't it?!?!