September 8, 2012

Books books books

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Let us get back to my love of books!!  I mean, that's how this whole blog thing started, right?  I have to revisit from time to time!!

This summer I've read lots of great books!!  I read Matched:

Then I read the second one in the series, Crossed:

I really liked them both.  I really love YA lit.  I'm a sucker for a good teen book!  I am super excited because the next one comes in soon, like...maybe next week?  Soon!  Disney bought the rights to make it a movie too, very fun!

I also read Girl of Fire and Thorns:

I really liked that one too!  This one will also be a series.

I tried to read the James Patterson teen series, but I couldn't get into it at all.  I can't even remember what it was called but there are a bunch of them?   Then I started reading Legend:

That one is fairly good so far, but if it doesn't catch me more soon I may stop.  I am way way excited about these two books I just got in the mail!!

I've heard great things about the Discovery of Witches, so I can't wait to dive into that.  The second one is by Gretchin Rubin, who wrote one of the best books ever, The Happiness Project, which I read and reviewed last year.  I love having new things to read!

What are you reading now?  I love getting recommendations!!!