September 7, 2012

That's a in summer...

Well, summer isn't technically over, but since I'm back at work it sure does feel like it's over.  Except, the 95 degree Maryland heat today - whew!!!

I am going to play catch up from the past few weeks right in this post.  I thought about doing a lot of little posts - but then I never did them and avoided it, lol.  The past 3 weeks have been absolutely nuts, and there has hardly been time!

Ok where did we leave off?  Oh yes, I had just painted most of my first floor a lovely gray color...and I stenciled my wall.  Somewhere in that week of painting I ran off with Katie for a girls day at the beach.  We went to Lewes, DE which I've decided is one of my favorite beaches, and my favorite towns.  So cute!


This beach is on a little bay, right where the Cape May Ferry docks.  I loved this beach, you could walk out for a while before it dropped off - and there were no waves, so it was a great beach for relaxing!!  It'd be a GREAT beach for little ones too, so safe and no scary waves to knock them over!

Isn't it lovely?

This is a pier right by that beach, and those townhouses are Port Lewes, a place I want to rent next year for a week or two.  I just loved the area...


The town of Lewes is quaint and cute and has tons of fun shops and places to check out.  Very Gilmore Girl!

The day after our girls beach trip I went to visit my very BFF's 2nd daughter, Delaney.  She is only about 36 hours old here.  Isn't she the sweetest?

Then I came home and did the stencil thing...let's look at it again, shall we?  Because it's so pretty? Oh and don't worry, the pic above was just a staged shot, my stencil wasn't ever that crooked;)

Then, started....

That first week consisted of lots of meetings and paperwork and getting out all my stuff again.  I put together my school counseling office, do you think it's cheery enough?  This is my 2nd year as a counselor, and I am loving it so much.  Even though it kicks my butt and I am so dead tired at the end of the day that I can't do a thing a home.  I think that will change soon though...I need to get used to it!

Ashley, my stepdaughter, started 8th grade in public school this year.  Here she is on her first day of school ever where she didn't have to wear a uniform!  Cute AE outfit, yes?

Then she came home and we had to organize all her 8th grade

Oh, then our couch, CLIFFORD, got a makeover.  I think this one is here to stay.  I love love LOVE the whole gray/turq/red color combo.  I am sharing it through my downstairs.  With little bits of green too.   Sorry about the Frodo-kitty photo bomb!

I think Clifford looks so dapper!  Does he not?

I took a trip to IKEA and bought this sweet napkin holder, because everyone needs a good NP and I loved that this was white.  At first I thought about spray painting it, but I actually love it white.  I just need colored napkins now;)  Oh and I got that lazy susan thingy too.

Then, after my first week of work, Dave and I decided to have a fun weekend.  So we went down to Rehoboth Seashore Park...

We enjoyed a few hours on the beach and mostly in the ocean, it was a calm day so I wasn't scared of the waves (I get really nervous with waves now, I guess I just respect the sea too much!)

About 1.5 hours into our day on the shore, I was like..."Do you know what we should do??" and Dave responded like....."WHAT?!" all excited and I told I thought we should rent a jet ski for a bit!  We've always wanted to when we visit and I figured, what's stopping us??


We we down to Bethany, Sharks Cove Marina, and rented ourselves a nice blue jet ski for an hour!

Here I am, all suited up and ready to go!  We had a great time jetting it up, jumping in the bay, taking turns driving fast (I got up to 41 MPH which feels like 100 to me on a jet ski!) and then we sadly returned it to the rental place.  We need to get one of those babies...

We drove back up to Rehoboth to visit our fave spot to eat, Dogfish Head Pub.  We love our microbrews (ahem...DuClaw) and we had a great lunch there, and tried some tasty beers.

Dave was a happy camper!

Since we were only there for the day, we walked around after dinner, visited the uber cute shop Mod Cottage, went to the boardwalk, got some taffy and popcorn and all those iconic MD/DE shore delights, and then headed home.

The next day we were off on our next adventure!!  We had tickets to Rascal Flatts at Merriweather, so we decided to make a night of it and stay down near the concert venue.  We also stopped in to check out the new MD casino, Maryland LIVE, and we really loved it!!  We played a little and won some money which is always fun.  We try to be smart about it, set a limit, stick to it, and if we win a lot we put that money away and don't gamble it down to nothing again.  We actually came out of there with almost $300 more then we came with, so that was fun!

We checked into our hotel and met our lovely friend Katie and headed over to the concert, which was awesome.  Before hand we tried taking some "teen" pictures to send to Ashley;)

We came home the next day and since he had to work that night, Dave took a nap and I went back out to do some shopping.  I had a very fun trip to HomeGoods which I'll share later.  Lots of cute stuff there!!

I've got lots of plans to fill my weekend right up!  We went on a date to DuClaw (where else?) tonight and were actually going to see Batman but then decided to come home and be hermits.  It's been a long week and we are both sleepy.  Tomorrow we have a pool date with my family, which should be fun!  What are your plans this weekend?

Ok I'm done this redonk long post.  I've caught you up and now I don't feel like such a slacker!!!  Oh here is my sweet Gurgle Pot from Mod Cottage.  I bought turq of course!!  Isn't he sweet?  I need a name...I fell in love with this thing over on one of my fave-ever blogs Young House Love, they have one in a cheery yellow.  That's actually where I found out about Mod Cottage, I am glad I went, it is such a sweet store!

 Stay tuned for my blog redesign!!  It's going to be so cute!!!!