September 10, 2012

Pinterest inspired buys...

Pin It! 

Pinterest for me is like infomercials for some people.  I see something I like and I want it right away, so I buy it!  Usually I buy the things that are Etsy based, because I love buying off Etsy.  It's like how I love buying from local, small business owners.  I don't do it often (let's face it, 99% of my crap comes from Target, which basically is the Man, right?) and I want to try harder to shop from places like this.  Anyways...I digress...

I've bought a few things lately, found directly on Pinterest, made by Etsy shops:

Infinity Scarf Loop Scarf Circle Scarf Cowl Scarf Soft and Lightweight Zigzag Chevron Print Red Green Yellow

Found here.  Isn't it adorbs???  I bought it like 2 weeks ago and I just got an email saying it's on it's way - Yipeeeeee!!!

I also bought this...

Hogwarts Alumni Parody Shirt, Harry Potter Inspired - T Shirt
Found here.  Who doesn't love a good Harry Potter shirt, right??  RIGHT!!

The good thing about both of these is that they were each about $20 shipped, so it hasn't set us back a whole lot of cash.  Cheap and cute, my kinda combo!

Anyone else addicted to Pinterest and from there, addicted to buying things they pin???