January 1, 2011

New Years Resolution!

Usually I am not a "New Years Resolution" type of person!  I started thinking this week, though, that maybe I should make one!  Not one that I won't follow through with, not one that will make me cringe when I think of it, but something that I could be excited about. 

So that's how I came up with this resolution - I want to read 10 books a month for a whole year!  Now, I know that may sound challenging to some, and maybe not such a big deal to others.  I figure I need to make it challenging to add some excitement, but not make it TOO hard that I wont do it!  Now, I can read books fast.  You can ask any of my family or friends, I have read whole books (big ones!!!) in under a day sometimes.  But, I am also probably starting a new job this month, have a husband, an 11 year old, a cat and a house to look after, so finding time may be tricky some weeks.  So 10 books a month it is.  120 books this year.  I could be a dork but that excites me a lot!  There are SO many books out there...

Which brings me to the next reason for this resolution - that there are so many books in the world and I really want to branch out and read all sorts of them!  I have become very limited in my reading material - my most favorite books are Harry Potter, Twilight and Pride and Prejudice.  I re-read HP and Twilight every year, maybe even twice a year!  I need to branch out! I am interested in so many different types of books too, I want to read biographies and mysteries and personal accounts of historic events and cooking books and huge old Russian novels so so so much more - there are SO many choices!!  I cant limit myself, even though my favorites are wonderful, I cant call myself an avid reader and not have read classics that I am ashamed to say I've avoided;)

The reason why I am starting this blog is to talk about these books!!  I am not going to write long boring reviews, but I want to be able to share my literary journey here - books I like, books I have a hard time getting through, and just being able to talk about the books as I read them.

I don't have my 10 books lined up for January yet.  I am finishing (SURPRISE) HP and the Deathly Hallows today, I chose to re-read that one because of the movie being out and its the one that I haven't read as much (maybe 4 times, all the others I've read at least 7+ times!!  See what I mean.....I need variety!)  So maybe tomorrow or Monday I am going to the library and picking out the January 10!  I'll post my choices here!  Hopefully I can get feedback and book ideas from others too - I love reading books that others love!

So here we go!!! 10 books a month for a year.  120 books.  Will it be hard?  Will it be too easy?  My husband here is telling me..."um, you know that's a new book every 3 days?!?" So it'll probably be a challenge!  Here's to 120 books in 2011!  Happy New Year!