January 26, 2011

English cottage or Cape Cod-ish cottage?

I've been working hard on our little room off our basement.  It was old and gross...here look:

Our basement has all this cool brick but back in this little nothing sorta room there is that brown gross wall - so I decided to paint it because we cant take it off - there is just concrete foundation behind it.  You can see we were not really using this room, it was a box graveyard, with extra wood and flooring and of course Frodo's kitty box...not too much use out of it!!! 

So I painted the walls white, added a reeeeeeally basic curtain to the gross, yucky window and PRESTO - look at it:

Isn't it a million times nicer?  See Frodo hanging out on the shelf?  He loves it now!  I still have to do some work thought - those little window looking things on the shelf bases lead to water pumps and such and have these ghetto doors on them, so I have to figure out what to do with those.  Plus, the big shelf over in the corner needs a curtain rigged up on it to hide the storage - plus the parts of the yucky wall I could reach because the shelf was in the way (it won't move easily!)

Now that its all pretty it sort of looks like a cottage - doesn't it?  So the question is - do I go with English Country cottage or Cape Cod-ish beachy cottage?  I have lots of knick knacks and picture ideas that could go either way.  We already have "London" in our family room so maybe a beachy New England cottage would be best.  But then, we have beachy places upstairs too.  Decisions, decisions...

This will be a multi purpose room.  I wanted to put the sewing machine my mom gave to me down here, it's the only place there is room, plus I think I want to put all my scrapbooking and crafting stuff down here too, as well as our ironing board.  It's upstairs in our office but I hate that it's there, plus our laundry room is right through the door on the right of this room...so that will free up a lot of room up in the office.  I have that shelf up there and will have more room for my millions of books (yes, I love that I have LOTS of books, Kindle lovers!!  I will NEVER get rid of them!!!!)

Right now I have that folding table down there, the sewing machine is on it, but I want to custom building a desk with cubbies underneath to go between those two shelves, which by the way, aren't those shelves cute?  With the white paint they have a whole different life!  My mom gave me that little cabinet which I can use for sewing supply storage, and there was this random mirror down there that I want to hang on the wall.  It's all about using what you've got, right?!?!  The price of this makeover so far - NOTHING!  We had tons of leftover white paint from my house painting spree right after we moved it.  I love projects that cost nothing!

Oh and of course I have been doing some reading...the Overton Window by Glenn Beck.  I'm not really getting into it yet....but I'm almost halfway through so I am committed to finishing it - but its really slow.  I love reading about government lies and conspiracy theories and all that...but this is...slow going with all that stuff?  But, I'm holding out for something big...if not...eh...can't love them all!  I'll give my official review tomorrow when hopefully I will finish the book.  I can't do much else with this crazy Thunder snowstorm outside! 

I'm also going to make Cake Pops, which are really cute and fun.  I'll post pics later!  See what happens when I'm inspired - I do tons of different stuff!  I guess I should say inspired and unemployed, lol, since I have time to do all sorts of things like cook, clean, redecorate and read;)

Enjoy your night!!