January 9, 2011


Ok, Ok, Ok - I can not handle it!!!  I'm on page 78 and reading this book is like pulling teeth to me:(  I know it is supposed to be this wonderful classic love story, and I did get to that part where the story between the lovers is set up....but there is so much other....JUNK in there, it is just not for me!!  I skimmed the book, the whole thing, and not one part caught my interest enough to say, "oh - this is going to be worth it!!!"  The most excited part is when the old man, husband of the main character, fell off the ladder a died.  That was on page...55 or something.  So, this book is not going to count and I will find another.

Sorry, to all my non readers at this point, for failing!!  I just can't stand books that do not interest me...what is the point??  I love to read!  I love to read about things that I love!!  Am I so superficial that I can not get through this book?  Oy...maybe when I am older I will appreciate it more?  You'd think that it being set in the Caribbean and all, that I'd love it.  No.  Sorry!  Love in the Time of Cholera is not for me.  If you have read it...let me know how you feel about it?  Maybe someone can give me something that will make it worth while to finish, but for now - I'm moving on!!! 

FYI - this is not one of those "tell you what you want to hear" blogs.  This book is an Oprah Book Club book - I cant imagine millions of people sitting down and totally loving this book, I think they all say they do because it's a classic, or maybe because Oprah liked it, because they want to sound SMART or something, that is ridiculous...I'm not going to go with the main stream and say OH how wonderful, if its not.  The story sounds nice, but the writing style is not to my liking.  Call me crazy, but this book is getting....ugh.....a 0.5!!! 

I can't believe I wasted three days on this!  Looks like one day this week or weekend will be a day of reading again!

On a HAPPY note - GO RAVENS!!!  What a nail biting game, goodness!!!  Stupid squeelers next week, I'm all sorts of stressed again! 

Oh and today we found a leak in our basement, which turns out to be a leak in our hot water heater, which turns out to be covered under warranty until Tuesday - thank you Jesus!!!  We are so not in the "money" right now with me looking for a job, so warranties are such a blessing! 

Have a great week!