January 25, 2011

Feeling inspired....

Do you sometimes ever feel...inspired by certain things you see?  I do!  A really cool book, a beautiful old building, a cooking show, or a picture in a magazine, or a blog post that has meaning.  I am very...."inspirable" lol I KNOW it's not a word, but I'm saying it anyway.  I am a sponge and I soak up ideas in the world around me, take them in and create something of my own.  Right now, in my crazy in-between life, I feel most inspired!  I really could do anything?!  I could write a book, or paint a wall magenta (Don't worry babe, I wont!), or cook up some really crazy swanky recipie.  The only problems is, I have SO much inspiration that turns into SO many ideas, I dont know how to harness it all in and actually DO something about it?  I mean, ok, sometimes I do make really fun, fancy dinners....or randomly decide to paint a little basement room one day to turn into a craft room...but these are just a few of the millions of "ideas" I have in my head that I want to act on!

 Is anyone else like that?  Reading does this to me!!  I'll read a book and become so absorbed in it that I want to experience the life of the book for myself.  Well...not all books, I just got done reading a murder mystery but don't be scared, lol, the only thing that was inspiring in that book was the psychology of it all - which mean me remember how much I really love counseling people.  I read that Disney book the other day and now all I want to do for the rest of my life is read about, write about, and travel to Disney.  It's just a phase (well kinda...I will ALWAYS want to travel to Disney!)  Or I read the blog I love, Young House Love, and I'm inspired so much to do little updates around our home!  Then...I'll think about how fun it would be to do other updates, and remember I need a job for money to do this stuff, and then I'll be inspired to get online and apply to 100's of crazy jobs (believe me, in 2 years of almost complete unemployment, you can get creative!)

Anyways, these are just thoughts going out to the void...it may not make any sense.  I know that I love being this way.  I love thinking that anything is really possible if we put our minds and hearts into something.  I feel that as this blog begins to live and breathe you will see a lot of my ADHD inspiration going around...cooking, decorating, writing, reading, traveling...I know this started as a reading challenge blog and that is still what it is...but with life all around it - I'm not just about reading and therefore am not sure I can confine myself to just writing about that!  The Disney stuff I'll save for my little side job of writing for the Examiner;)  Unless it's something really good!  There may not be rhyme or reason to this little blog I've started, but after almost a month, I really love doing it, even if no one is reading!  It's there for me, to get my thoughts and ideas out into the world - however crazy or unimportant they are;)

Ok well it's off to clean, and come to think of it - to make Ashley stop playing Wii and clean too (sounding a little evil stepmotherish?  I'm not, I promise!!!  She has weekly chores!)

Good night!