January 4, 2011

I'm nervous....

Good evening!  I finished Julie & Julia last night and started  Dead until Dark by Harris.  I'm only on page 50 or so, but its good so far.  It hasn't caught me, like Twilight, at least not yet....its still too early to tell!  J&J was good, as I said in my other post...I feel like I should have a rating system or something.  Something official...well until I get that up and running I'll just tell you!  Out of a 5 star scale I give it a 4.  4 means I enjoyed it, was excited about picking it up and reading it, and because it made me laugh and inspired me. 

Has anyone else read it?  Let me know what you think, if you have....if anyone is even reading this;)

Anyways, I'm nervous about living up to this challenge!  Looking at this stack of books is very daunting!  I'm keeping them here in my family room so that I never get lazy about the challenge.  If I am sitting here doing nothing but watching TV - that stack of books screams at me- READ ME READ ME READ ME OR FAIL!! LOL - seriously though!  Right now the challenge seems doable bc I'm not working, but we'll see if that changes once I start work again - whenever that will be!  I had an interview today for a really cool job, not what my Master's is in, but sorta related...so we will see how that goes!  I'm always saying God will give me the job if that where I'm meant to be, and if not...well then there is something better!

Alright everyone, that's it for today - enjoy your Tuesday evening!  We are cozily warm with our pellet stove on, watching Food Network (while reading - its really just background noise) and challenging ourselves to get Ashley through all this homework, and dreaming of winning 290 million in the lottery tonight....have a good one!