January 3, 2011

The smells of Boeuf Bourguignon....

I haven't gotten to the library yet!  I'm on page 234 of 307 in Julie & Julia.  The reason I may be so behind is because reading this book has made me so hungry for REALLY good food, that I spent the morning making Oeufs en Cocotte and I've spend most of the day making the multi-step, kind complicated yet very easy Beef Bourguignon.  My goodness, our house smells amazing!!!  AMAZING!!! 

I am ok with my pace of reading though, because if and when I get a job I wont be able to read all day, and cooking/cleaning today has taken that place thus far - so I keep telling myself its ok its ok...its day 3 and I should be moving on to another book, and I will!  Ashley (stepdaughter) and I will go to the library tonight after she is done mounds and mounds of homework and I'll pick up my 8 books:)

I really like this book, so far.  I'm almost done so I can't imagine I'll change my mind!   There is bit of language in it, but I've been able to stomach it because the talk of the food is so glorious.  Just like Julie, I have also 'stolen' my moms copy of Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 1 - the cream colored one with the orangey Fleurs de Lis on it, I think it was my grandmothers, an original copy.  Trust me, if you read this, you will want to cook!  I think its almost IMPOSSIBLE to read it and not cook something from the cookbook - its either so inspiring or makes one so hungry that its inevitable! 

The eggs, cream and butter I made this morning were the best tasting eggs I've ever had, so so yummy!  Maybe one of my 8 books with be a Julia Child biography.....

Anyways, as this is not a copy cat blog of Julie Powell, enough of the Julia Child/cooking talk.  Its a good book, if you love cooking and twenty to thirty something humor, read it:)