January 31, 2011

Home Management binder...

I'm doing this challenge that is posted up on one of the lovely blogs I read, it's called A Bowl Full of Lemons and the challenge is that I have to create a binder for our household mess of lives!  I'm really excited!  I need to get a binder, label maker (borrowing from mom), dividers, etc and make tabs for what fits our lifestyle.  Ours will definitely have sections for:

Schedules (weekly, monthly and year)
Finances (including a budget and a place with our creditor names/numbers so we dont have to search far)
Menu Plans
Grocert Lists
To-Do Lists
Cleaning and Chores
Health (keep copies of cards, DR numbers and Policy numbers all in one place)
Vacations (we plan on taking a LOT of vacations in life, so we need this...maybe Disney should even have its own tab...lol)

That's all I can think of now - but isnt it a great idea?  A place to keep life organized.  I like it!  If you want to join the challenge, or just do it on your own - go to the blog above and read all about it.  I'll post more later as I get all my supplies together to start this binder. 

I'm also off to the library for my February 10 books: I'm really excited!!!  I'll post later with my picture o books and rough draft book list;)  Have a happy Monday!