February 1, 2011

Tuesdays, Books, Binders and Ice

Like my title?  I went to the library yesterday and even though I had a list of 15 books, the library only had 2 of them!!  One lady said they were really tapped out because of the snow storms - they get busy like grocery stores when bad weather hits!  LOL.  Some of the books I wanted were too new, but they have on order, and some of them were at other locations and not Abingdon so all I had to do was request them.  That's ok though because I do have 5 books to start with - and since the library is FREE I can't complain right?!?  So here is what I have so far:
1.  The Lucky One: Nicholas Sparks - this one is a good choice because I own it and haven't read it before, talk about convenient!
2.  Backstage with Julia: Nancy Verde Barr - I bought this one last month at B&N for $4 but never ended up reading it so it made in on the Feb list!  I like added bios on my lists, it helps me branch out.
3.  The Mysterious Benedict Society: Trenton Lee Stewart - thank you Christine!!
4.  Breaking Free: Beth Moore - I'm trying to read one book a month to help my walk with Jesus, last month I counted Narnia as that, it was heavenly!  Crystal Rai is reading this one with me so we can have a book club- yay!
5.  Heart of the Matter: Emily Griffin - I've read a few of her books before and have really liked them, so as I was wandering around the library not finding my other books I saw this and say hmmm....ok!!!

Other books I'm looking for or waiting for are a how-to sewing book since mom gave me that sewing machine and I need to re-teach myself.  I may do a class at joanns too, I really love sewing...I did the curtains in the basement but not well lol so we need to practice!  Anyways, also some sort of Disney book, whether it be a bio on Walt or history of the World, something to help me learn more about it!  I'm waiting on the next Sookie Sackhouse novel, a Patricia Cornwell novel and something else I can't remember.  Also a possibility is a classic since Crystal wants to read one too - again for a book club sorta thing!

I find myself wanting to read SO many books that I have to slow down!  I have a list of about 20 and want to read them all this month but...of course only 10.  I won't have time for more because I WILL be working by the end of this month, I WILL!!!  I had another interview yesterday for an adolescent counseling position working with teens with substance abuse problems, I am fairly certain I got the job so I am getting excited about that!!  It's a great job doing what I love, I would get a certification out of it, have a huge office all to myself being a counselor, and be able to make my own schedule - sounds great, right?!?!  Fingers crossed!

I love this challenge so far, I have the best time picking my books.  I'm also getting over that whole "moving on" feeling...you know when you read a book and finish it and it was so good that you almost don't want to move on to another book for a while because all you want to do is read that story again or one like it?  Well this challenge helps me plow right through that feeling - because I HAVE to move on!  Once I have the total 10 I'll take a picture of the books and write the whole list out:) 

I started reading my #1 which is The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks.  I'm ready for love and tragedy...bring it on!  I'll post my review tomorrow, I'm determined to finish it tonight or tomorrow...I'm halfway through already...thank you ice storm for keeping me in all day!

Also up on the blog agenda tomorrow is the progress of my Home Management Binder...it's taking a while to get it together with dividers and labels and then I have to put all the print outs and stuff in it.  I have to MAKE the print outs, actually, customize them for our family.  We're expecting another ice storm tonight to I'm sure I'll be in most of the day tomorrow.  I do have another interview at 6pm for another counseling position though...I'll be going out for that.  Lots of interviews...something should be happening soon!!! 

Goodnight, be safe my friends!