February 20, 2011

Under the kitchen sink...

Inspired, once again by A bowl full of lemons (I love the way Toni organizes and cleans!) I decided to tackle under our kitchen sink.  It was a DISASTER!  See:

Gross!!!  It's tough because I have to share most of the space right in the middle with that pipe - but this cabinet actually has a lot of space it in on the left and right side of the stupid pipe.  Anyways, see how we just toss the grocery bags in without a care?  The cleaning supplies are tossed in there after Ashley does her weekly chores - its just a mess.  Then we have a little drawer right above it that I throw random stuff in, and that needs to be delivered from chaos as well!

So I stopped my the dollar store on my way home from cutting the wood for the craft room desk at my parents (still working on that, big reveal hopefully this week) and picked up some organizing stuff:

 Two big baskets, $1 each, and two small baskets, $1 for the pair.  So $3 for this little project.  Plus we had some of this left, that I put on the bottom of the cabinet to help it look better:
Anyways, I cleaned and organized.  I threw away a lot of those grocery bags (who needs 100 of them?!) and save some to keep down in the basement for cleaning Frodo's litter box.  I must say I am proud of how much more organized we are now!  See:
 All cleaning supplies in one place, so we can actually take this basket with us to whichever room we are cleaning - so nice!
 I put all the bags in the other basket, I actually took more bags out after taking this pic, as well as added the red protector thing to the cabinet - it looks even better than this!
 The little heart baskets hold sponges in one and candles/batteries in the other.
 I love my little door organizer too - keeps me from keeping junk on top of the counter top & sink.  Now look!!!!   I have a whole little drawer that is EMPTY!!!  More space!!  Woooo!!  Our kitch is kinda little, so more space is always fun.  I have two smaller cabinets that need serious help with organizing...so I have big plans for filling this drawer. 
So that was part of my productive day.  I've done much more, and I'll tell you about that later!

Oh here are pics of the cab with the red stuff done at the bottom: