February 19, 2011

They have got some issues!

I finished reading Wuthering Heights last night.  Wow, Catherine and Heathcliff have got some problems!!  The story is told primarily through the view of Ellen, she is/was a servant on the Wuthering Heights property.  She tells the story to a new tenant at the Grange on the property.  Ellen was born on Wuthering Heights, around the same time as Catherine, and has witnessed this tragic story from infancy.

Catherine is the master's daughter.  Heathcliff, well the master found him as an abandoned orphan on the road on a trip to town.  Catherine and Heathcliff then grow up together and are a wicked pair.  As children they were constantly running wild all over the moors and countryside of England.  As teens, it is safe to say they are in love, although Catherine ends up accepting an offer of marriage from a rich neighbor.  Her plan was to marry rich and help Heathcliff in society.  It all goes terribly wrong.  Heathcliff runs away, and when he returns he ends up marrying the sister of the man Catherine married.  They are all miserable, Catherine and Heathcliff pretty much tell their spouses they are in love with each other.  There is a moment in the book where they are together, crying and holding each other lamenting on how awful their lives are.  It's so....tragic!

I'll leave it at that.  It's a really great story.  You can really feel the pain and angst of these characters, that's great writing!  You do have to push through the language, but I found that the more I read, the easier it was and by the end I was flying through it.  I give this book a 3 out of 5.  A really good classic story, but hard to read!  Try it!

Emily Bronte wrote this book in her 20s?! Can you believe that?  Her & her sisters were sort of early day feminists, but I'm not sure it worked out well since women really had no place in the early 1800's.  She died when she was 30, from a cold - she refused medical treatment.  That is just stupid...that is where be over zealous about something can kill you!  Anyways, she originally wrote this book under and male pen name, Ellis Belle, because she feared the book would not be well-received if it where written by a woman.  Hmmmm...such a different world that what we live in!

That's that one!  I'm still on Beth Moore but I'll prob finish that today.  I'm also working on the craft room - wait until you see what I am doing;)  Happy Saturday - enjoy your weekend!