February 8, 2011

Not sure I can do this....

...I have to admit, I'm a total wimp about certain things.  I can not watch certain movies (i.e. paranormal stupidity) because I lie awake at night every night for 2 weeks after wards worrying about that crap in my own home.  I can't watch certain crime movies because I get way way too scared that something like that will happen in real life.  It DOES happen...and it scares me!  So I'm starting to read this P. Cornwell novel and I'm not sure I can do it!? This book is about a serial killer that targets young women.  Yikes.

I am overly sensitive to this kind of stuff - am I the only one?  My mom can watch hours about hours of real crime, unsolved crime, terrible things happening to people and I never understood it.  I see certain images or read things and I just CAN'T get those things out of my head.  and then I get terrified!!  For instance, we went and saw Sanctum last week, where all these people get stuck in a cave and have to dive further into the earth just to get out....people die and drown and it was so....graphic...I can't get those images out of my mind.  They are just stuck there forever...for me to work hard not to think about them ever.

I like happy things, like Disney and singing and dancing on Broadway and cozy, calming books and movies about love....all things that are also real in life, the good stuff about life.  I am not naive to think bad things never happen because they do...I just figure life has so much of it's own tragedy and heart ache and fear...what the heck should I willingly add to it??

I could totally handle the Alex Cross book I read, and I will try to read the next one.  I like his character because he has a psychology background and is a cop, so most of the focus is on the profile of the crime and criminal.  But this one...is a lot of description of the stuff I can't handle and the evidence...I think I need to switch it out.  I like her style of writing...I just really can't handle reading a book about a medical examiner dealing with female victims of violence - I can't stand blood and hospitals and bodies and stretchers and there have already been lots of references to all of that crap.  Sorry friends who suggested it to me...a few of you have!  It's just not my thing.  I was just talking to Dave about it and he was like, "sounds like something I'd like!!!", lol...nurse man and all - he probably would.  I'm just way too sensitive about it all.

So now I have to 1. figure out what book to read next and 2. find a book to replace this one.  Looks like it's back to the library for me!!  I know I have requested a few, maybe one of those will come in soon.  This is bound to happen, right?  I'm not going to like or be able to handle ALL types of books - that is why I am doing this challenge!  All I know is that I love a book that I am EXCITED to sit down, open up and read - and this just didn't do that for me.  Can't win em all...isn't that what I said last month when I tried to read Love in the Time of Cholera?  Urgh, just thinking about it makes me bored!

Ok, that's all for today, I just HAD to share that with my readers...whoever you are.  You know you can comment on here now...it'll just be "anonymous" if you don't have a google account!!   So leave me comments and tell me I'm not crazy!  Ha!!