February 16, 2011

Recipe Binder!

In the ever-going quest to be organized, I joined up with A Bowl Full of Lemons for the Weekly Challenge to make a recipe binder!  This is helpful because I am always getting recipes off the internet (i.e. Food Network or All Recipes, etc) and never want to print them out because I have no where to put them and I was just too lazy to make something like this.  Then I forget about where I found that GREAT recipe when I want to make it again, sad:( Not anymore!!  I've been inspired!  So I took an hour or so last night while Dave & Ashley were playing Disney Sing it Party Hits (yes, it WAS hilarious!) to make this:

 My chic home-made cover, I don't have photo shop (oh I miss my Mac, I need to get it fixed!) but I find that I can make stuff just as well in PowerPoint. 
 A view from the side, I wanted to make something cute for the spine, but this is a skinny binder (my mom likes to use these for recipes) and the spine is so skinny it's hard to fit anything in there, lucky I have a label maker that I looooove:)
 Once again, like the Home Management Binder I made my own dividers out of sturdy scrapbook paper.  It just makes it look prettier, doesn't it?
With my label maker I labeled the sections I think we will use the most in our family:
Soup &Salad
Main Dishes
So now I can surf the net and try to find all my favorite recipes and fill them into this cute binder.  And any time I find a new one I won't hesitate to print it out!  YAY!  Thanks for the inspiration, Toni:)