February 15, 2011

Life, Love and Book 5:)

Good (EARLY) morning friends!

Have I mentioned lately that I have trouble sleeping?  I dont know what it is, maybe an over active mind these days, but I wake up at a good time every am (8 or 9) and I hardly ever nap anymore, especially on week days, and even though I'm exhausted by 10pm every night I never get in bed at that time and then I think I miss my window!  And then...well, I blog...late at night....when no one is up to read it;)

I hope everyone enjoyed their Valentine's Day!  I know I did, we had such a great day.  I'm excited for our "just us" night on Friday night but it was really sweet sharing Valentine's Day with Dave and Ashley, as a family.  Good times!  My husband really is the best man alive, I love him so much!  He is such a great hubby and father and he takes care of us and is so supportive of me and whatever I choose to do, job wise.  I've been so stressed about it lately and he just makes it all better by just being him.  He is special, he is a blessing, he is my soul mate:)  Ok ok....enough gooshy romance....on with it, Tina!

Ahem....I realized that I never mentioned my replacement book for the one I tossed (Postmortem).  I got a called from the library saying one of my requests was in, so this one is book 10:

How to bake a perfect life by Barbara O'Neal.  It looked cute.  Anything about baking is good times.  I love dreaming about being a baker and opening up a cupcakery someday (I never will.  Had I acted on the idea when I first had it about 3 years ago I would've beaten the TWO that have sprung up in our town in the last year, lol!!!). 

So that brings my final February reading list to:
1.  The Lucky One by Sparks
2.  Mysterious Benedict Society by Stewart
3.  Heart of the Matter by Griffin
4.  Dead in Dallas by Harris
5.  Breaking Free by Moore
6.  Total Money Makeover by Ramsey
7. Encyclopedia of Frabric Crafts by Stewart
8.  Wurthering Heights by Bronte
9.  Backstage with Julia by Barr
10.  How to bake a perfect life by O'Neal

I'm done 1,2,3, & 4...I just finished Dead in Dallas today (oops I mean yesterday).  It was ok.  I get sucked into the story but Harris' writing is a little dark for me.  It's so....vampire adult dark.  I'm not sure I like it.  I may wait a while to read her next one, if I read it at all.  There is some element of mystery and a few twists but this one...eh it was just ok.  I think if you reeeeeeally love the vamp lit genre, you would love love love this.  I only like Twilight, lol, other than that I don't think I'm a vamp lit girl.  So..I give this book a 2.  Only read it if you have read the first one and like that!  Then, give this a chance and it will help you decide if you want to continue the series.  Sookie travels to Dallas in this one to work with another sector of vampires, with her beloved Bill (although I'm thinking their relationship is more...physical and addictive that anything?) and drama happens, blah blah blah....I won't ruin it because I know there are some people who love this stuff.  I'm just not into it anymore!  I can't love them all, right!?!

Tomorrow I will start Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  This is definitely a spiritual book, a journey if you will, and I am excited about it.  It's been a while since I've had a good soul searching read - I'm excited for it!  I love Jesus and I love going to church and being with Christian friends but there is something so special to me about reading a book and finding Jesus in it waiting to teach me some new lessons in life.  In a good way! 

I'm really enjoying the variety of books I am reading!!  In the past month I've read mysteries, history, love stories and kids stories and books about cooking and food - it's just so much fun! 

Also I'm making some changes here and there to my blog!  Right now I'm torn between the nice neat white background or a really cute vintagey lovely background.  I like how it looks now...so I'll keep it like this until I get bored.  I made that cool banner up there, isn't it cute?  I wasn't kidding about the graphic designing thing...I may teach myself!

Ok, that's all, goodnight!